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How To Get Started With AI Recruiting Tools

Doing what you’ve always done, and with good results at that, makes it difficult to see why you would even think of changing tactics. But if you, owner of a recruiting firm or an HR manager, are curious about innovations and ways to streamline your business to make it more efficient, then looking into AI recruiting tools might be interesting, irrespective of whether you plan to change the way you work today or not. In this article, we’ll give you insight into how you can determine which AI recruiting tools could be beneficial for your company and workforce. 

Ask the Right Questions


Perhaps you’re already carefully monitoring your business and have a deep understanding of which areas you need support and in which ones you’re excelling. But if you don’t, or if you simply could make use of some extra reflection, use the questions down below to get a better understanding of which parts of your business could benefit from AI tools.

  • Are there tasks that your recruiters often find tedious, monotonous, or repetitive? 
  • Are there tasks they find unnecessarily time-consuming? 
  • How long does it take for you to onboard a new employee? 
  • What is your usual speed-of-hire? 
  • What is your cost-per-hire? 
  • Which tasks could you become better and more efficient at? 

Depending on your answers and your specific needs, you’ll be happy to know there is an AI recruiting tool to support you; read more in our article The 8 Best Use Cases for AI in recruitment. As a rule of thumb, AI tools for recruiting, support and streamline your business, as well as relieve you and your employees from executing important, albeit tedious tasks. But how do you know which ones to invest in and why?

The Areas Within Recruiting That AI Tools Impact the Most


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Although you probably use an HSIR system to keep track of everything, it doesn’t automate processes. When automation enters the game, all the data you’ve gathered in your HSIR system is used to your advantage. For example, if your company has been diligent in collecting data about your employees, and you feed an AI with it, you are well equipped to use it for internal process improvement. 

If you haven’t collected much data, you can use the same technology to catch up. If you’re not collecting data yet, now is a good time to start. The more data you have, the better the results when you start using AI process automation. 

Research shows that it takes up to 23 hours for recruiters to screen resumes and shortlist candidates to interview for a single hire. Using an AI screening tool, you can screen and shortlist candidates in just a couple of hours. This enables the recruiter to focus on tasks that require more strategic and creative thinking. Other uses include chatbot interviews, resume parsing, and personality testing. 


The money you spend on one or several AI tools will be minuscule compared to the freed-up hours of labor you’ve gained thanks to them. You’ll see a long-term, positive ROI due to a more effective hiring funnel because the chances that you find the right candidate at once increases immensely. The same is true when you’re hiring internally. By finding your next hire quickly and without having to spend money on training and other expenses, you avoid many of the expenses associated with new hires. 

Candidate Satisfaction 

Keeping candidates up-to-date with new jobs and asking them for updated details about their work experience are two ways of ensuring their trust and attention. Yet, it’s a time-consuming endeavor to keep track of each candidate and their specific needs and activities like that might easily fall in between the cracks. This is risky seen from a business perspective, considering that candidates who don’t feel heard, nor seen, tend to give up on you. For this reason you can make use of an automated emailing tool that can: 

  • Let new candidates know you’ve received their resumes
  • Send a thank-you email after an interview 
  • Keep candidates posted with new job opportunities that fit their profiles 

Another popular tool is the chatbot; a chatbot can answer the candidate’s most urgent questions immediately, such as parental leave, insurances, and flex-time. All these seemingly small actions make for much more satisfied candidates and increase the chances of them reaching out to you the next time they’re considering changing jobs. 

Employee Satisfaction 

With the help of AI chatbots, also called ‘conversational agents’, you can easily conduct employee surveys more often than you can your annual employee satisfaction survey. The chatbot talks to your employees and asks questions about their lives at work. The responses you receive are compiled into easy-to-understand graphics, created by the tool. This helps you see which changes you should make to improve the employee experience. 

If you want a deeper understanding of how your employees are doing, do so with the help of performance management AI tools. They’ll enable you to discover more quickly if an employee is lacking motivation, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or whichever other reasons there might be for their decreased work performance. Staying up-to-date on your employees’ well-being will increase employee retention and benefit your overall turnover. 

As soon as you have a clear overall picture of your business, you can start exploring which tools you should try. There are quite a few out there, and it might feel overwhelming. Our suggestion is to book demos in which you can ask questions about your company’s needs. Most AI tools offer free trials, so that might be a good starting point. Try it out for a while, get a feel for how much time you save, and reach out to the company if you need help integrating it into your business. 

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