Best Data Science Bootcamps

The Best Data Science Bootcamps of 2021

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a data scientist is $116,100 per year. You can easily increase this figure with additional data science skills.

Would you like to learn data science and start your lucrative data career? Then consider signing up for a data science bootcamp course. You will quickly become skilled in using R, Python, Hadoop, and Tableau.

What Are the Best Data Science Bootcamps in 2021?

You may opt to join a university and get your data science degree in four years. But you can easily attend a credible bootcamp and learn data science.

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Data science bootcamps prepare students for a data career by exposing them to the industry’s best practices. If you want a fast-track learning experience, consider these top data science bootcamps. Please remember to check with individual bootcamps about their current COVID-19 response.

Working at top companies like Facebook, IBM, Amazon, or Microsoft requires a refined skill set. Immerse yourself in a training experience at BrainSation this year and increase your chances of working for these companies. The school partners with industry experts from top innovative organizations to curate the programs.

Are you interested in becoming a business analyst, data scientist, UX designer, data analyst, or web developer? BrainStation programs can help you realize your tech goals. If finances are a concern, you can apply for a scholarship, or opt for flexible tuition payment plans.

The online data science program will get you job-ready for a tech career. You will be equipped with industry-relevant tools, skills, and experience once you complete this program. The learning experience involves working on real-world data problems and building an outstanding portfolio.

Finding a job will be relatively easy after graduating from the data science online program. The coding school has a high job placement rate of 90 percent and works with over 2,500 hiring companies.

Examples of BrainStation data courses include machine learning, Python programming, cyber security, and data analytics. These courses have a high job placement rate and encompass the same top-notch standards as the data science program.

Would you appreciate the dynamic nature of a live online class? Then try a Coding Temple course in full stack web development or Python in data science. The lessons offer you individualized attention and extensive job support to ensure you become a data scientist in just 10 weeks.

The admission process at Coding Temple is pretty straightforward. You will fill an online application on the school’s website and submit it. The admissions team will conduct a phone screening interview for 30 minutes and send an online assessment if you are successful. The team will then review your application and send an acceptance email if you qualify.

Joining Coding Temple will help you learn how to build high-level data structures for rapid application development. This will also help in mobile development, machine learning, data science, and cloud infrastructure. Learning Python will give you the edge for many career opportunities.

Coding Temple removes the worry about landing a job in tech. Each student gets a career coach to guide them through the learning experience. You will have one-on-one sessions with your mentor to build your data science resume. By tailoring your resume to industry standards, you are sure to attract potential employers.

Data Science Dojo is renowned in the bootcamp world. The school provides data science and data engineering programs for individuals and corporates. The flagship school programs are led by expert instructors who take students through a project-based curriculum.

The 16-week course features an internship program. In addition to learning at school, you will also have real-life experience as a data scientist. You will work in close proximity to the school’s data science team in sales and marketing.

Aside from the data science internship, you will also have ample career support from career placement services. You will have help in building your data science profile and resume. You can start now by checking how to craft a data analyst resume.

Python for data science will help you learn in a highly interactive environment for only five days. The instructor-led program will teach you the basics and advanced skills in data science. You will also finish an entire project to help you learn data analytics and data science. By the end of the Python classes, you will earn a verified certificate from the University of New Mexico.

In addition to the above courses, a Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders track is also offered. All of the courses have exceptional data science instructors and mentors. So, you can be confident you’re on course for a successful career.

Galvanize has campuses in various locations. This makes learning convenient for all. You will find the campuses in Austin, Boulder, Denver, San Francisco, New York City, Phoenix, and Seattle. You can also choose to study online.

In just 12 weeks, you can start your career as a data scientist if you attend Galvanize. As a Galvanize graduate, you can earn approximately $95,000 per year. This is according to its website. Top tech firms such as IBM, Amazon, Google, and Tesla rely on bootcamps like Galvanize to supply new talent to the market.

If you want to join over 2,250 graduates in these top-rated companies, you should attend this bootcamp. The school has different schedules to accommodate each student’s learning approach. You can attend the part-time or full-time course, depending on your availability. You can start by attending the online prep course, which is popular among those starting from scratch.

Still on the fence about data science? Then you should consider data science prep courses. These courses will help you get to grips with Python, probability, and statistics. There are also free online data science lessons that cover the basics of the program.

The data school also features software engineering as well as a course in Python fundamentals. To keep up with the dynamic tech industry, the school has a new professional development course for software engineers. You can become a software engineer by attending the full-time Software Engineering Immersive Bootcamp.

Thinkful is one of a handful of bootcamps that offer a job guarantee. The coding bootcamp prides itself on helping thousands of students land tech jobs in a matter of months. You can become a data analyst, data scientist, digital marketer, software engineer, product manager, or technical project manager by attending Thinkful.

If you are looking for a full-time or a part-time data science program, look no further. You can opt to spend 60 hours each week in a fully immersive data science course if you are available. If you have to combine work with study, the part-time course is the easiest choice. You just need to be able to commit to 30 hours of classes a week.

For an entry-level data scientist, you will earn an average salary of $71,323. However, attending the data science program does not limit you to one profession. You have a wide array of careers you can choose from when you graduate. These include roles as a database engineer, data architect, machine learning engineer, or data manager.

Thinkful trains its aspiring data scientists to acquire data modeling, calculus, data visualization, computer programming, and statistics skills. By attending this program for 20 weeks, you will increase your chances of landing a job with Google, Amazon, IBM, Webflow, and Walmart Labs.

Paying an $18,500 data science course fee is much easier now with an income share agreement. Most students prefer to take advantage of the school’s job guarantee and cover their tuition fees once they get a job. You can also opt to apply for a SkillsFund loan, monthly payment plan, or deferred tuition.

What Is a Data Science Bootcamp?

A data science bootcamp offers students an immersive learning experience to acquire data science skills. These bootcamps are known for training students to become data scientists in a matter of weeks. You will find flexible learning options if you want to work and study in tandem.

Learning data science through a series of projects will give you an edge over the competition. The schools design project-based curriculums that provide a rewarding fast-track learning process. You will get value for your money and a job in return for your hard work.

Some students prefer to attend a university degree program instead of a bootcamp. However, by the time you finish your four-year course, the data science landscape will have changed. A bootcamp makes sure you learn up-to-date skills and information to make you a serious contender in the tech job market.

Data science bootcamps will help you learn Python and R. These are key programming languages if you want to start any tech career. You can choose to become a machine learning engineer, data scientist, data analyst, and database administrator.

How Much Do Data Science Bootcamp Programs Cost?

The average tuition cost of a data science bootcamp varies from one bootcamp to the next. You will find that the tuition price is lower if you qualify for a bootcamp scholarship or financial aid. Most bootcamps recognize how tuition fees can burden students and provide payment plans to cover fees. This is the most popular option amongst bootcamp students.

Are Data Science Bootcamps Worth It?

Data science bootcamps are an excellent option if you want to start a career in tech. The constant growth in data science popularity prompts increasing numbers of education providers to feature courses in the subject. Attending a bootcamp program will help you achieve your career goals in a matter of weeks.

Would you prefer to pay $100,000 for a degree in data science or $10,000? If it’s the latter, then you should seriously consider the top five bootcamps listed above. Get to learn R, Python, Hadoop, and Tableau in data science. Bootcamp online courses come with reasonable fees, affording a fantastic alternative to a university degree.

A comprehensive curriculum can help you learn data science holistically. The schools design these programs featuring current data science information and skills. The clever way to put your best foot forward in data science is by attending a bootcamp. You will have an updated career-oriented outlook to land a job after graduating.

Attending a data science bootcamp will help you become a big data engineer, software engineer, and machine learning engineer. However, if you want a course in digital marketing, UX design, or cyber security, you may need to consider other bootcamps such as Flatiron School and Springboard.

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