UT Austin Boot Camps Overview and Guide

The University of Texas at Austin has established a strong reputation since its founding in 1883. In this UT Austin Boot Camps review, you’ll learn why the school’s coding bootcamp deserves just as much acclaim.

The school offers six different courses and strong career services. You’ll be set to start a lucrative new career in three to six months.

What You Need to Know About UT Austin Boot Camps

UT Austin Boot Camps is based in Austin, which is one of the best tech hotbeds in the country. This program is well-suited for UT Austin alumni, but anyone in the area can enroll. You just have to be prepared to commit to the time and effort it takes.

  • Cost: Full-Time: $12,495, Part-Time: $8,500 – $11,995
  • Schedules: Full-Time, Part-Time
  • Courses Offered: Coding, Data Analysis, UX/UI Design, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Product Management
  • Upcoming Start Dates: Varies by course

UT Austin Boot Camps Curricula: What Can You Study?

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Like many university-backed bootcamps, UT Austin offers strong coding and data analytics programs. It also has options for other in-demand fields in the Austin tech scene.

Read more below to find out what you can study at UT Austin Boot Camps.


This program offers both part-time and full-time web development courses. This is the only UT Austin bootcamp with a full-time option. You can learn a software engineering foundation in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. After that, you’ll move on to backend tools like NoSQL data structures and JavaScript frameworks like React.

Data Analysis and Visualization

This part-time data analytics program teaches you real-world tools, You will learn how to use Excel in a modern environment before learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tools. This program also covers R, Python, and SQL. You can also learn about machine learning and data visualization with Tableau.

UX/UI Design

The UX/UI Design field continues to grow, so there’s no better time to start learning. This 24-week part-time program offers hands-on training in typography, color theory, iconography, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. You’ll also learn how to use Adobe XD and Google Slides. Most importantly, you will learn how to identify your target audience.

Cyber Security

Companies and consumers produce terabytes upon terabytes of data every day. In this course, you’ll learn cyber security skills to protect sensitive data. You’ll use Wireshark, Kali Linux, and Metasploit to build and test security solutions. After that, you’ll learn certification-oriented skills to prove you’re qualified for your dream job.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing program at UT Austin teaches data-driven techniques to find and serve your target audience. You will learn how to build a brand strategy, lay out key objectives, and automate data collection. Then you can learn to optimize campaigns and sites. You will check the data and bulletproof campaigns to make sure your strategy works long-term.

Product Management

Product management is an all-encompassing discipline. You’ll learn how to guide a product from an idea to a money-making phenomenon. The course can teach you strong team management skills and how to build and present roadmaps for your products. You will also learn how to optimize the user experience and learn about its effects.

UT Austin Boot Camps Campuses: Where Can You Study?

The UT Austin Boot Camps program is only available in Austin. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of its classes are offered in a live-online format.

  • Austin
  • Online

UT Austin Boot Camps Schedules: When Can You Study?


Coding is currently the only program that you can take full-time. This 12-week program is the fastest way to learn career-oriented software engineering skills. If you’re interested in this course, you can also opt for a part-time format.


This part-time format means you can learn new skills while also making your own income. Most of the programs take place over 24 weeks, but the digital marketing and product management programs only last 18 weeks. You can take any UT Austin program part-time.

UT Austin Boot Camps Tuition

UT Austin tuition varies by course. The least expensive programs are also the shortest, with digital marketing at $8,500 and product management at $9,995. The data analysis program costs $11,500. The UX/UI design and cyber security programs cost $11,900 each. The coding course costs $11,995 part-time and $12,495 full-time.

UT Austin Boot Camps Financing and Payment Options

Interest-Free Payment Plan. With this option, you can pay an initial deposit and then split the rest of your tuition into monthly installments. The size of the installments depends on how large of a deposit you pay, and they are interest-free.

Scholarships. UT Austin alumni are eligible for a $500 scholarship towards their bootcamp tuition. This option is perfect for people who have already graduated from UT Austin and want to switch careers.

UT Austin Boot Camps Admissions: How to Get In

You can get into UT Austin Boot Camps school as long as you prove that you’re excited and willing to learn. You have to complete a basic application, an interview, and an assessment.

UT Austin Boot Camps Application

The UT Austin Boot Camps application is a short online form. You have to indicate which program and schedule you’re interested in and provide basic information about yourself. Within a few days, an admissions advisor will contact you for an interview. You’ll also need to complete a skills assessment.

UT Austin Boot Camps Interview

The interview isn’t designed to see if you’re an expert in your topic of choice. Instead, it aims to make sure you’re a dedicated student and willing to put in the work to finish the course. Once you complete this interview and the skills assessment, you can enroll.

UT Austin Boot Camp Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

The program doesn’t publicize its admissions rate. If you enter the application process ready to commit to the hard work, you should have a good chance of admission. These skills are more about your attitude than your previous experience.

UT Austin Boot Camps Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

The program doesn’t publicize its job outcomes. It does, however, offer a modern curriculum and career services to give you a leg up on the competition. A university-accredited bootcamp always looks good on your resume.

Job Placement Services at UT Austin Boot Camps

During your time at UT Austin Boot Camps, you’ll work with a profile coach and a career director to help you get ready for your career. Together, these components will help you prepare to start the job search.

The profile coach team gives you individualized feedback on your job hunting materials. They will look over your resume, GitHub, portfolio, and LinkedIn to make sure they’re the best they can be. The career director will work with you on a more personal level with one-on-one meetings, mock interviews, and more.

Should You Apply to UT Austin Boot Camps?

If you’re looking to enter the tech field in Austin, you should apply to UT Austin Boot Camps. It’s one of the best ways to learn the tech skills you need for your future career. There are four benefits to this bootcamp that make it shine above the rest.

  • Diverse Courses. Most bootcamps don’t offer a selection of courses like UT Austin Boot Camps. With six different possibilities, it doesn’t matter where you want to find your niche in the tech field. You’ll have an opportunity to learn just about anything for the job of your dreams.
  • Job Hunt Preparation. The career services at UT Austin Boot Camps give you competitive preparation. You will enter the workforce with the ability to work just about anywhere. Your profile and portfolio will stand out from the competition to land that job.
  • Financing Options. UT Austin alumni get an extra boost from scholarships. Even if you aren’t eligible for the $500 discount, you can still access the interest-free payment plan. You can attend this bootcamp while saving up money to pay over time.
  • University Credibility. The UT Austin name has been building its brand for over 100 years. If you’re looking to work in the city of Austin, you’ll be able to show that you completed a rigorous academic bootcamp. Potential employers will take note of that extra credibility on your resume.

If these benefits appeal to you, you should give UT Austin Boot Camps a shot. You’ll be able to work in just about any tech field and succeed in doing it. This bootcamp is the best way to enter not only the Austin tech scene, but anywhere you want to go.

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