Product Gym Overview and Guide

Product Gym is a members-only product management program that focuses on career acceleration and helping its members land product management jobs. Based in New York City, the six-week program for members includes career coaching from experts in the field as well as skill-enhancing workshops and interview feedback.

Product Gym offers up-to-date and realistic product management tools, both for those looking to break into product management and for full-time PM veterans looking for their next position. In this Product Gym review, we cover everything you should know about this professional association.

What You Need to Know About Product Gym

Product Gym is a membership-based association and professional community for product managers that offers networking opportunities, career coaching, no-nonsense feedback, and a special six-week course to its members.

  • Cost: $6,000
  • Schedules: Part-Time, Online
  • Courses Offered: Product Management
  • Upcoming Start Dates: Rolling start dates

Product Gym Curricula: What Can You Study?

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Product Gym’s curriculum focuses on honing participants’ ability to secure jobs as product managers. To help members generate more phone interviews and nail their onsite interviews, Product Gym’s team of instructors coaches them through the most up-to-date practices and lets them in on industry-insider tips.

Below is a rundown of all the topics covered in the Product Gym curriculum.

Product Management Fundamentals

All product managers need to know the tricks of the trade. Members will therefore learn how to create product roadmaps, how to conduct business and market analysis, how to define a minimum viable product (MVP), how to evaluate both objective and key results (OKRs) and key performance indicators (KPIs), how to build stakeholder consensus, and more.

Interview Fundamentals

Members will learn questions commonly asked at the first, second, and third onsite Interviews, as evaluated by Product Gym’s team of seasoned instructors. They’ll also learn which questions they should ask recruiters during the interview process.

Case Study and Whiteboarding

This session will prepare participants to respond to case study scenarios during their product management interviews. You will learn strategies for limiting the scope of vague or open-ended questions, turning them in your favor.

Technical Product Management

This section will address the technical programming knowledge that product managers are expected to have. Whether you have a background in software engineering or no experience at all, this module will help you speak the language of the tech industry.

Preparing for Product Launch

Participants will be asked to walk instructors through a product they’ve launched from start to finish. They will be prompted to reflect on what stakeholders they want to work with, how they will position their product in a competitive market, and who their target market is.

Data Science for Product Managers

This section will address the industry’s current expectations around what product managers need to know about data science. By the end of the module, members will know what “data-driven decision-making” really means and be able to explain to an interviewer how their previous work has embodied this principle.

Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letter

Members will craft custom resumes and branded cover letters that are sure to win them multiple interviews. Moreover, you will focus on crafting your online persona, including how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that AI recruiting software will take notice.

Finally, participants will learn the exclusive Product Gym methodology for job applications, which has been proven to generate many interview inquiries.

Master the PM Pitch

Being able to pitch yourself is an essential skill. Here members will learn what details to include, which to omit, and how to make a product manager interview feel more like a conversation.

UX Research, Design, and Visual

In this section of the program, participants will learn what their UX designer and visual designer colleagues will need from them in their product manager role.

Engineering and Product

An experienced tech lead will coach members on what technical concepts they need to know to nail the product manager interview.

Product Marketing vs. Product

The job of a product manager depends on the size of the company you’re working for. Here, participants will learn the responsibilities that product managers carry at each type of company, considering differences in how products are brought to market, priced, and promoted.

Working with Data

In this part of the curriculum, members learn about data analytics, exploring how to deal with the data they receive and how to ensure that they interpret it properly.

Product Gym Campuses: Where Can You Study?

Product Gym offers courses both online and in-person, and members have reported that both delivery methods are effective. Formal classes are held in New York City, but Product Gym also hosts events in one other physical location.

  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Online

Product Gym Schedules: When Can You Study?


Product Gym’s six-week program takes place on Saturdays. Classes run from 9:30am to 3:30pm, with a half-hour break for lunch.

Each morning session focuses on product management fundamentals, interview preparation, and data science. After lunch, students turn their attention to resume and cover letter building, pitching, UX design, engineering, and product marketing.

Exclusive Access to Online Resources

Outside of the six-week curriculum, members benefit from guidance and insights from other members of the Product Gym community. The courses, workshops, and coaching calls are all available as recordings, so you can access them in any time zone and at any time.

Product Gym Tuition

If paid upfront, the Product Gym subscription fee is $6,000. If paid in installments, the cost ranges from $7,500 to $9,000.

Product Gym Financing and Payment Options

  • Upfront Payment. Participants who can afford to pay $6,000 all at once get the best deal on membership.
  • Two Payments. If upfront payment isn’t possible, participants can pay $3,750 in two installments, bringing the total to $7,500.
  • Three Payments. Participants can also choose to pay $3,000 in three installments, bringing the total to $9,000.

Product Gym Admissions: How To Get In

The Product Gym membership package is all about giving you no-nonsense, honest feedback. You may be surprised to learn that you were doing product management work in your previous roles, just without the official title.

For this reason, if you have the passion, focus, and discipline for product management, you are encouraged to apply, even if you think you may not be qualified enough.

Product Gym Application

There is no formal written application for Product Gym. Instead, you can schedule a consultation with one of its career counselors by visiting the website.

Product Gym Interview

During your 30-minute Zoom consultation call, you will tell the career counselor about yourself and your goals, and you’ll have a chance to learn more about the program and curriculum. By the end of the call, you’ll have everything you need to decide whether you want to buy a membership.

Product Gym Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

There is no admission rate at Product Gym, as admissions are membership-based.

Product Gym Outcomes: Will I Find A Job?

Product Gym’s entire focus is on helping members land product management jobs. All of the staff are former technical recruiters and product managers who have insider tips that they are eager to share with members.

Job Placement Services at Product Gym

As a member, you will have unlimited access to career coaches, tailored interview feedback, and access to skill-based workshops. Many current and former members of Product Gym have given testimonials indicating that the association’s services have helped them secure jobs in product management.

Should You Apply To Product Gym?

If you’re looking for guidance on how to land a job in product management, Product Gym is for you. With its team of expert instructors, Product Gym makes skill acquisition feasible for all its members. Below are some things to consider as you think about becoming a member.

  • Commitment. Product Gym pushes members to make the most out of the curriculum. You’ll need to make sure you’re committed to product management before you apply to Product Gym.
  • Member Community. Product Gym does not call itself a bootcamp or a school, but rather a community. Being a part of this community presents plenty of opportunities for networking and skill-sharing.
  • Career Support. Members of Product Gym are afforded one-on-one career coaching, as well as other kinds of career support. From an exclusive alumni network to salary and negotiation support, there is a wide range of ways in which Product Gym supports the career aspirations of its members.

Product management is a difficult field to navigate. While product managers are in high demand, the combination of technical and soft skills that the role requires can be hard to acquire without guidance. Product Gym’s goal is to provide space for that guidance, fostering a community of product managers who can help each other succeed.

From the six-week program to workshops to career coaching services, Product Gym works to advance the career interests of all its members. If you feel ready to dedicate yourself to a career in product management, then Product Gym is for you.

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