FlockJay Overview and Guide

FlockJay is an extensive part-time online tech bootcamp dedicated to sales training. Other reputable bootcamps teach students how to build and deploy technology, but FlockJay addresses the crucial aspect of sales. The FlockJay reviews you’ll find on the Internet show that graduates get the training they need to become effective tech sales experts.

FlockJay runs a rigorous, 10-week tech sales bootcamp. However, it all also includes a top-notch job placement service dedicated to helping graduates build sustainable careers in tech sales. All FlockJay classes are conducted online through video conferencing platforms. Students can interact with instructors and get valuable real-time feedback.

What You Need to Know About FlockJay

FlockJay is a short-term tech sales bootcamp and the entire schedule is highlighted on the website for prospective students.

  • Cost: Part-Time: $6,000, Deferred Payments: $7,650
  • Schedules: Part-Time
  • Tech Sales Topics Covered: The Art and Science of Sales, Inbound Sales, Outbound Sales, Tech Weeks, Job Readiness & Interviews
  • Upcoming Start Dates: Varies by course and location

FlockJay Curricula: What Can You Study?

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FlockJay is meant for one thing and one thing only: technology sales training. All the modules are geared towards tech sales. After your 10-week training, the career team will connect you to a tech company looking for tech sales representatives. This will give you the optimal chance to land your dream job.

The Art and Science of Sales

In the first module, students learn the art and science of sales. It starts with an in-depth explanation of sales as an art and a science. You will get a thorough understanding of the different schools of thought in sales.

As a science, technology sales are based on numbers. You will learn how to analyze and manipulate data to reach your clients at the right time.

As an art, you will learn how to use creativity and personalization to generate leads that will lead to conversation and conversion. While some schools focus on one instead of the other, FlockJay teaches students both theories. You will also learn what it means to be a sales development representative.

Inbound Sales

Another vital aspect of tech sales that you will be taught at FlockJay is inbound sales. This methodology of sales does not focus on aggressive marketing or rushing the buyers. It teaches you how to guide prospective customers through all the stages of the purchase. This journey starts from when they first come across your product to when they finally pay for the goods or services.

Organic word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective sales tool. FlockJay will teach you subconscious methods to get your customers to spread the word about your products. The module on inbound sales takes place from weeks two to four.

Outbound Sales

With inbound sales, the client typically shows interest in your product first. When it comes to outbound sales, you have to personally reach out to clients and convince them to buy your products. There is a lot of push marketing involved in outbound sales.

You will learn how to build the right outreach plans for your sales campaign, gather data, and track patterns that may help you to get customers to commit. Outbound sales are also effective for poaching customers from their existing suppliers. The outbound sales portion of the program runs from weeks four to six.

Tech Weeks

During weeks seven and eight, students will be given more advanced lessons on how to perform business-to-business (B2B) transactions for technology solutions. It’s not just about selling to individual consumers, but also about selling tech services and products to businesses.

For example, you will be taught how to convince a financial institution, like a bank, to drop the FinTech software they have been using for years and purchase yours. It is no easy task, but with the right professional training, you will learn how.

Job Readiness & Interviews

The last part of the program, weeks nine and 10, is focused strictly on job readiness. It includes one-on-one coaching, personalized feedback, mock interviews, salary negotiation, and more. You will also learn how to break into the tech industry without going into data science, software engineering, or web development. After this class, students will be placed with companies that are looking for tech sales representatives.

FlockJay Campuses: Where Can You Study?

FlockJay does not offer any onsite learning facility. All classes are virtual. However, the school has an office building in San Francisco, California that is open during office hours.

  • Online
  • San Francisco, CA

FlockJay Schedules: When Can You Study?


FlockJay does not currently have a full-time program.


All FlockJay programs are strictly part-time, Monday to Thursday, 5 pm to 8 pm (PT). The intensive classes take place in a virtual classroom. Students must report to 90 percent of classes to qualify for graduation and job connections. The FlockJay team logs attendance and only students who meet the requirement will be recommended to employers.


FlockJay does not have a flexible, self-paced learning platform at this time. You have to commit to the part-time program schedule. Classes typically take place in the evening, so it is ideal for professionals who only have time to study in the evening.

FlockJay Tuition

FlockJay has a fixed tuition of $6,000 that covers the entire tech sales program. However, students who opt for deferred payment or the income share agreement end up paying $7,650.

FlockJay Financing and Payment Options

  • Upfront Tuition. As stated above, the upfront tuition payment is $6,000. You can pay upfront as soon as you get admitted into the program.
  • Installments. With this payment option, you can divide the tuition into two parts. Pay one right after you get your admission letter and pay another one before or on the sixth week of learning.
  • Deferred Payment. The deferred tuition option is the most popular choice at FlockJay. It allows students to learn without any initial deposit, but they will subsequently be required to pay a total sum of $7,650 in monthly installments of $425. This payment will only be required after you secure a job that pays at least $40,000 a year.

FlockJay Admissions: How to Get In

FlockJay is looking for individuals who have natural sales talent that can be honed. You need to have a passion for sales and marketing. If you have sales experience, you will stand a higher chance of getting accepted.

You do not need to have advanced sales experience in the tech industry. Any job that involves interacting with customers and pitching goods or services is sufficient.

FlockJay Application

You will be required to present a high school diploma or a GED to apply, but you do not need a college degree in data science or any other field. The application is online and you need to fill in all the required details before you can move forward.

After submitting your complete online application, you will receive instructions about how to proceed. If you are accepted, you will need to give an interview and submit more detailed information. When you have delivered everything required, simply wait for the school to make its decision.

FlockJay Interview

The interview at FlockJay isn’t technical because it is meant to give the admissions team some background information about you. You do not need to be a tech guru or even have coding skills. You just need to show real promise in sales and prove that you are worth the recommendation to a prestigious firm.

The interviewer will ask you about your former job experience. Make sure that you answer correctly and tell them everything about your former jobs. It doesn’t matter if it was a sales position at KFC. Every detail counts.

FlockJay Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

FlockJay has an admission rate of seven percent per session, which is on the low side. Your chances of getting admitted will depend on how you present yourself during the interview. Your initial application also matters because you need to show FlockJay that you have what it takes to join the job searching program.

FlockJay is not just for education. It is also an excellent job placement platform. So, the bootcamp is particular about who is allowed to join the extensive sales tech training. You need to be able to secure a job after graduation to maintain FlockJay’s industry reputation.

FlockJay Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

Yes, there is a strong chance that you will get a job after completing your program successfully. FlockJay is dedicated to ensuring that every single student gets placed in a reputable firm right after they finish.

If you follow the program diligently, attend all the classes, and take advantage of the career coaching service, you may get a job. Most graduates from FlockJay have secured tech sales jobs in credible tech companies. Note that there is no official job guarantee at FlockJay.

Job Placement Services at FlockJay

As stated above, the last week of studies at FlockJay is meant specifically to teach students how to break into the tech industry. You will learn how to design your resume, answer questions during job interviews, and negotiate a good salary.

You do not need to take the first tech sales job offer you get from one of Flockjay’s partner companies. If you are not comfortable with the salary or job description, you can discuss it with your advisor to identify a better match.

Should You Apply to FlockJay?

Yes, you should apply to FlockJay if you are looking to start a career in tech sales. You do not need to know Python or R, but you should at least know some basic concepts. By the end of the program, you will have gained tangible skills. The two best reasons to apply to FlockJay are summarized below.

  • It is Perfect for Gaining Transferable Skills. If you want to be an effective tech sales representative, you need to gain some transferable skills. During the program, you will develop leadership, public speaking, and customer service skills. You will also learn some of the same things that data analysts and data scientists learn.
  • You Will Most Likely Get a Job. Unlike many other coding bootcamps that simply equip you with tech knowledge, FlockJay does everything within its power to ensure that you get a job, whether you pay tuition now or later. The school guides you through the entire process, from submitting resumes to starting your first day at work.

FlockJay is one of the most affordable and reliable tech institutes in the world for producing successful tech sales personnel. The fully functional online program has helped people find careers in tech sales. According to PayScale, the average tech sales representative earns $61,264 per year.

With an acceptance rate of just seven percent, you will need to stand out from other applicants during the interview. If you do not get admitted on your first attempt, you can try again after gaining more sales experience.

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