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Top Python Jobs to Explore in 2020

You are new to tech and want to dive straight into coding and learning programming languages. But with so many options, how are you supposed to know where to start? And once you gain that knowledge of using a practical programming language, how can you bring your expertise into a career field that inspires you?

While the tech field incorporates a range of different programming languages, like HTML and JavaScript, one of the most popular and fastest-growing is Python

Whether you enroll in a robust bootcamp to learn the language or try your hand at self-education through the help of free online courses, Python is a versatile skill that is in high demand. Its simplicity makes it easy to learn and the wide selection of resources available makes it an inexpensive educational opportunity. 

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With such high demand, comes a lot of job opportunities for Python programmers. From getting started with an entry-level job or taking the next step in your career path, there are a plethora of opportunities awaiting you if you are competent in Python. 

What Is Python? 

The world of programming and coding uses a range of different languages that are essential in a variety of tech projects. These programming languages tell a computer, or another device, how to perform certain tasks as you direct. While languages like Java or C++ may come to mind, Python is another programming language making a name for itself.

Python is often considered a great place to start because it is simple to work with and applicable in a variety of settings. Its simplicity makes it highly versatile for both large and small projects. It can be applied in a multitude of frameworks for numerous projects on websites, applications, software, and other security systems. 

The most common environments that involve Python include mobile apps development and Artificial Intelligence projects. Nowadays, we use countless mobile applications in our day to day lives for communicating, shopping, working, and even for teaching our kids. Python can also be integral in developing and launching desktop applications and in creating effective and successful operating systems. As Python is compatible with nearly all operating systems, you’ll be able to take your expertise further, regardless of what you’re working on. 

From large corporations to smaller interdepartmental requests, expertise in Python can be used to achieve project outcomes efficiently and conveniently. Because it’s a general use language, it can be used in a variety of settings depending on what you aspire to achieve. 

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With experience in Python, you can open doors to numerous career opportunities today and in the future.

Best Python Jobs for 2020 

With a diverse skill set that’s focused on the Python programming language, you can explore a wide variety of career opportunities to match who you are and where you want to be. With a marketable skill set and the fact that there is a shortage of experienced and knowledgeable tech talent, you can open the door to a wide range of future positions available now or later. Regardless of the industry or type of organization you want to partner with, chances are you’ll be able to find job openings with ease. 

In addition to exploring a Python-specific role, this specialized skill can be a great addition to any resume. Whether with a full bachelor’s degree or a certification course, highlighting this credential shows potential employers your experience and dedication to hard work for what lies ahead. 

Finding careers in Python can involve searching online on popular job sites. You can also take advantage of your connections and networking opportunities to explore any career path that you aspire to follow, regardless of your current position. Often, work in Python can also be done online, through a remote or work-from-home position. In a popular field like technology, the sky’s the limit. 

To help get you started on exploring your career opportunities, we’ll share some of the top Python jobs to consider in 2020. While this list will vary in job openings based on your location, years of experience, and other relevant factors, it’s a great place to start as you launch your Python career. 

Python Developer 

Perhaps most obvious, training in the Python programming language equips you to work directly in developing software and websites that use this language. With your specialized experience and knowledge in this frequently used platform, you can use your Python scripting abilities to bring projects to life and help solve complex problems. 

This type of software development is often either a freelance role or part of a larger technology company. As you gain experience and enhance your skills, you can move up your career ladder from entry-level developer to junior level to reach a senior leadership development role, all while focusing on using Python programming language to get things done. 

Web Developer

Basic Python language is foundational to many types of web development projects. Experience in Python can help set yourself apart in website creation. While languages like HTML and JavaScript are used for the front end of web development, Python is often used for back end work and other server-related projects. 

Data Analyst 

If you enjoy gathering and sifting through a lot of information to find significant trends, data analysis may just be the field for you. As an analyst, you’ll be responsible for acquiring data, noticing trends, and making recommendations based on what you see. Often, this process is heavily reliant on machine learning, which is intricately involved with programming languages like Python in order to make it happen. 

Data Scientist 

A solid understanding of Python can help you excel as a data scientist. Like an analyst, the data scientist encounters a large collection of data and translates it into meaningful insights to help inform decisions. They also use their Python expertise to automate and analyze their collected data for maximum efficiency. If you’re interested in math, science, and other quantitative topics, you can blend your Python potential with data science. 


With a skill that’s in such high demand, there are a lot of people aspiring to learn the fundamentals and advanced use of Python. If you’re experienced in the field and have a desire to teach others the significance of the language, you might consider jumping into an educator role. Whether a full-time instructor or an occasional coding tutor, you can help empower others with Python through education opportunities. 

Software Engineer 

While there are several types of engineers needed in the technology field, the software engineer is responsible for writing code that translates to a computer’s operations. The code you write influences how a product functions and fulfills the project’s goals and objectives. The role of a software engineer can be very diverse depending on the organization and field you pursue. Python is crucial in being able to write functions and operations for a computer or other software platforms. 

Machine Learning 

The role of an engineer in machine learning involves developing programs and resources that can apply a set of information. By using Python in this process of applying knowledge, these engineers can explore Artificial Intelligence that incorporates complex algorithms and automation functionality that supports organizational objectives. 

Person typing on a laptop in front of multiple screens
Training in Python can be an effective way to move forward in your tech career and add value to your leadership role.

Be Equipped for Your Career 

Python is a practical and marketable skill that’s sought after in today’s business and tech field. Whether you’re just starting out in your tech career or are looking to branch out into a new field, gaining experience in Python programming language can set you up for success in your career today and in the future. 

Skills in Python opens the door for a wide range of career opportunities for all sorts of goals and preferences. The versatility of the language makes it easy to explore different industries and find your place for influence in organizations. 

If you’re looking to take your next step in your career equipped with Python programming, you can start today by exploring a variety of free resources and online courses. Or, take your learning farther with coding bootcamp opportunities for all skill levels. It can be well worth your time to invest in yourself with Python experience. 

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