Wyncode Overview and Guide

Wyncode student reviews are widely available on the Internet. However, they can be confusing for a beginner who wants to launch their career in tech. This comprehensive Wyncode review covers Wyncode programs, tuition costs, job securement rate, and program schedules. Get to know how to apply to Wyncode programs and the entire bootcamp interview process.

Wyncode is a coding bootcamp in Miami. The school offers multiple UX/ UI design programs, full stack web development, and digital marketing. The coding bootcamp provides students with effective training in the hard and soft skills needed by a software developer.

What You Need to Know About Wyncode

Wyncode is a bootcamp that helps aspiring students kick-start their careers in the tech industry. The bootcamp offers an excellent opportunity to students who want to learn the essential skills to create a successful tech career. The bootcamp combines mastery and finesse to ensure the students get maximum value from the programs.

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Wyncode Academy has received recognition from many different respected institutions. Awards the school has garnered include Beacon Council Educator of The Year and South Florida Tech Business Journal Startup of The Year. Wyncode alumni work in different fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, General Electric, and Microsoft.

  • Cost: $15,000
  • Schedules: Online, Full-Time, Part-Time
  • Courses Offered: Full Stack Web Development, UX/UI, Front End Web Development, Digital Marketing
  • Upcoming Start Dates: April 5, May 3

Wyncode Curricula: What Can You Study?

Wyncode offers various courses to aspiring web developers, UX/UI designers, and digital marketers. However, the school does not provide any courses in data analytics or data science. Below are the full time and part-time courses you can study at Wyncode.

Full Stack Web Development

The full stack web development course teaches students the essential skill sets required to be a developer. The full-time course covers front end and backend development. You will learn how to create responsive and dynamic web pages from scratch.

This is an excellent course if you want to learn Java, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Express.js, MongoDB, and React. The 12-week online course includes 350 hours of comprehensive course work, lectures, and projects. This is an excellent course if you are interested in software engineering as a career.

UX/UI Immersive

You can easily become a product manager if you sign up for this course. The 10-week course will cover how a product functions and how it looks.

Your instructor has vast real-world experience and they will teach you how to conduct user research and apply the best practices. In addition, you will learn how to communicate designs and improve processes.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing arena is expanding daily. As more businesses migrate online, digital marketers are in high demand. Wyncode delivers flexible learning opportunities to students to launch their careers in digital marketing.

The school offers a 12-week course for you to learn all the marketing principles and best practices. The program teaches students how to use digital media to reach their target audience as opposed to traditional media. The program will cover social media marketing, retargeting, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, Instagram, and Facebook ads.

Wyncode Campuses: Where Can You Study?

Wyncode campus is located in Miami, Florida. The bootcamp also offers its courses online. In addition, Wyncode is licensed by the Florida Department of Education’s Commission for Independent Education.

The current COVID-19 situation means that all of Wyncode’s courses are being conducted remotely.

Wyncode Schedules: When Can You Study?


Wyncode provides a full-time option for interested students. These 10-week bootcamps feature extensive tuition. This ensures you are fully qualified in your chosen field upon graduation.


Wyncode understands the diverse schedules of its students. Therefore, you are able to sign up for part-time courses. You do not have to quit your job to sign up for a Wyncode bootcamp.

Wyncode Tuition

Wyncode tuition cost is a reasonable $15,000. The school offers different financing options for students to cover these fees. However, you must pay a refundable fee to secure your place in the school.

Wyncode Financing and Payment Options

  • Income Share Agreement. Wyncode bootcamp offers students a flexible payment option following graduation. You only pay the tuition after you find a job, and the school sets the salary threshold.
  • Loan Financing. The coding bootcamp has several partnerships, including one with Climb Credit. The financial provider helps students sign up for Wyncode’s courses with flexible tuition payment plans. Climb Credit organizes repayment plans of up to three years for all of the courses.
  • Installments. Wyncode allows students to cover their tuition fees in installments. The school will require you to pay a deposit of $500 and clear the rest of the tuition fee in monthly installments. If you do not finish the program, the school will refund $350.
  • GI Bill. This coding bootcamp accepts GI Bill benefits. If you are a veteran or a military spouse, you can take advantage of the GI Bill program to pay your fee. The coding bootcamp is the only available bootcamp that accepts GI Bill in Florida.
  • Scholarships. Wyncode offers multiple scholarships for aspiring students. The payment support includes Black Women Talk Tech Scholarship and Teach For America Scholarship, which covers $5,000. Wyncode also offers a Women in Tech Scholarship and the Merit Scholarship. Both of these scholarships pay $3,000 towards tuition. Other scholarship options are also available, including the Veterans Scholarship, and the Lynn University Students Scholarship.

Wyncode Admissions: How to Get In

Getting into Wyncode is not a difficult process. The school embraces new learners who aspire to join the tech community.
The admissions team strives for cohorts made up of students from diverse backgrounds. You do not require any experience in programming, designing, or digital marketing.

Wyncode Application

The Wyncode application process is straightforward. The application is a three-step process. This starts with filling out a form online on the official website. Upon submission, the Wyncode admissions team will contact you to schedule an interview.
If you successfully pass the bootcamp interview questions, you move on to the admission challenge. The final step will require you to submit some of your official application documents.

Wyncode Interview

The Wyncode interview is quite extensive but straightforward. While no previous coding experience is required, Wyncode leans towards students who are passionate and committed to programming.

The interviewer will ask you about your life goals, experience, and reasons for choosing Wyncode. This will help determine the best program for you.

Wyncode Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

Wyncode has not publicly declared its admission rate. However, the school is keen on ensuring all aspiring students get an equal opportunity to join the school. You have a high chance of getting in if you have the passion, drive, and vision of a software developer, UI/UX designer, or digital marketer.

Wyncode Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

Wyncode has exceptional outcomes in terms of finding jobs for graduates. Its extensive job support program has helped alumni secure work with the best tech companies. These companies include Amazon, Microsoft, MDLIVE, Wix.com, Kipu, and Magic Leap. Furthermore, Wyncode graduates can expect to earn an average salary of $52,669 per year.

Job Placement Services at Wyncode

Wyncode job placement is impressively high. Within the first 120 days of graduating, 93 percent of students land jobs.
To maintain this statistic, Wyncode exposes its students to potential hiring partners, a supportive community of Wyncoders, and mentorship opportunities. You will also do mock ‘Wynterviews,’ plus take part in pitch day and professional development sessions.

Should You Apply to Wyncode?

Yes, you should apply to Wyncode. The school has an endless list of benefits to offer potential students. Once you have graduated, Wyncode is committed to helping you find a job in a reputable tech firm.

The school offers its students various opportunities to grow their technical and soft skills. Below are some of the reasons you should secure a Wyncode bootcamp spot.

  • Less costly. The Wyncode coding bootcamp programs cost an average of $15,000. The same course offered by an institution of higher learning costs about $80,000. The coding bootcamp provides affordable, quality and career-oriented education. So, you will land a job with ease.
  • Less time. The average Wyncode program takes up to 10 weeks to complete. A university degree takes up to four years. The school is a much better alternative if you want to attain the same valuable education in a lesser time.
  • Career-oriented curriculum. Wyncode hires professionals from the tech field to conduct the lessons. Your teachers are the best in class. In addition, the programs are designed to fulfill the current needs of the tech market.
  • Extensive partnerships. Wyncode maintains a strong network base in the tech industry. The majority of the time, you will land a job within the school’s network. The school also offers a pitch day to ensure the students and the hiring partners get a chance to network.
    The coding bootcamp gives an exceptional opportunity to people aspiring to join the tech community. The bootcamp does not feature courses for aspiring data scientists, but its programs can land you a job in many tech sectors.

If you are in Miami and want to work in the tech industry, you should consider applying to Wyncode. The school will teach you the hard and soft skills you need to navigate the tech world.

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