GreyCampus Overview and Guide

GreyCampus offers several in-person and online courses that award certificates upon completion. Many GreyCampus reviews highlight the provider’s project management courses, like the GreyCampus PMP Training or its courses on Lean Six Sigma. However, there’s also a high-quality GreyCampus data science path offered.

GreyCampus graduates have gone on to work at leading tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. Many of these graduates started with zero training, just like you might be, and they used this bootcamp to make a lasting career change.

What You Need to Know About GreyCampus

GreyCampus’ programs combine live instruction with projects, study plans, career services, and assessments. GreyCampus offers courses on a wide range of subjects, at a lower cost than usual.

  • Cost: $140-$3,000
  • Schedules: Full-Time, Part-Time, Flex
  • Courses Offered: Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Data Science and AI, IT Service Management, Programming, Project Management, Quality Management
  • Upcoming Start Dates: Varies by course

GreyCampus Curricula: What Can You Study?

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As we’ve mentioned above, GreyCampus offers instructor-led courses in several different fields. These offerings include classes in management, coding, cyber security, and more. Depending on the course, you’ll either be working towards a specific certification or building multiple skills to start a new career.

Cloud Computing

This path features two courses that prepare students for two separate Microsoft Azure certification exams. In the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course, students spend a day learning about the core principles and services of cloud computing.

In the Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure course, developers learn how to build functions and manage apps to build stable and secure solutions for Microsoft Azure.

Cyber Security

These training programs prepare students for different cyber security certification exams. The CISSP course gets students ready to implement security solutions across multiple platforms over four to five days.

The CompTIA A+ course prepares students for two different exams. The first exam tests students on mobile devices and networking. The second exam includes testing your ability to install and configure operating systems. You are also tested on expanding security solutions and troubleshooting software.

The CompTIA Network+ course teaches students how to build and maintain secure network infrastructure. The CompTIA Security+ course teaches students the administrative and technical skills they need to build secure networks, and how to keep them secure in an open environment.

Data Science and AI

This is one of two GreyCampus fields that focuses on comprehensive career retraining instead of preparing students for a single certification exam. Inexperienced students can start in the Data Science Foundation Program.

Here, they will learn the basics while completing a project. After mastering the foundation, students can take the full Data Science program, where they study tools including Algebra, Python, SQL, machine learning, Git, and tool deployment.

IT Service Management

Students in the IT Service Management course learn what they need for the ITIL 4 Foundation certification. This two-day course gives students an administrative education with the option to add a bootcamp for deeper understanding. Students also learn the seven principles of ITIL, including collaboration and working holistically, on their way to graduation.


The programming track is the second option for students looking for full career retraining. In this path, newbie students can choose to start with a two-day foundational bootcamp on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The main Full Stack Development Career Program builds on those tools with CSE, Git, Node.js, Express.Js, MongoDB, SQL, React, and more. GreyCampus also offers a Java-only learning path.

Project Management

This course gives students 10 options to prepare for different project management certification exams. Students can start with courses on Excel and project management fundamentals before they proceed to the certification of their choice.

If you are interested in a PMP certification, for example, you will take PMP prep courses. This also satisfies the 35 contact hours expected by GreyCampus. Students then get the practice questions they need to study before they go ahead and pass the PMP exam. The other training focuses on PRINCE2, PMP, ASM, CSM, PMI ACP, CAPM, and Microsoft Project.

Quality Management

The Quality Management courses let students train for either the Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma range of certifications. GrayCampus organizes these courses in ‘belts’. So, you can study from a yellow belt up to a black-belt level.

Lean Six Sigma students have a special option to clear the intermediate and expert-level coursework with a single five-day immersive green and black-belt training.

GreyCampus Campuses: Where Can You Study?

GreyCampus’ Data Science and Programming courses are available solely online. However, the certificate courses are available in many cities around the world. Every certificate program isn’t offered in each city, so check the program’s website for availability near you:

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Bangalore
  • Charlotte
  • Chennai
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Doha
  • Dubai
  • Frankfurt
  • Hong Kong
  • Houston
  • Hyderabad
  • Istanbul
  • Jakarta
  • Jeddah
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Los Angeles
  • Manila
  • Melbourne
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi
  • New York
  • Pune
  • Raleigh
  • Riyadh
  • San Francisco
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Toronto
  • Online

GreyCampus Schedules: When Can You Study?


The majority of GreyCampus’ certification courses are made up of immersive full-time classes. These courses vary in length from one day to a little over a week.

Almost all of these courses are only designed to prepare students for a single certification exam instead of a full career change. So if you’re already employed in your field of choice, the full-time options are probably right for you.


The Data Science and Programming courses from GreyCampus both have a part-time structure. These courses have multiple schedules to fit students’ needs. So, you can choose to take these courses on the weekend, on a Sunday to Wednesday schedule, or a Monday to Friday schedule.


Students who buy access to any of GreyCampus’ programs can still retrieve these courses after completion. Access to these courses lasts anywhere from six months to a year. Graduates are encouraged to come back to their coursework at any time to refresh their memory on certain topics.

GreyCampus Tuition

GreyCampus’ tuition varies depending on the course. Smaller preparatory courses are free and as courses get more involved, the tuition starts to rise. However, even in the data science and full stack programming options, students will pay a maximum of $3,000 for a complete education.

GreyCampus Financing and Payment Options

  • Scholarship. GreyCampus offers a Women-In-Tech Scholarship. However, places are limited and there is a deadline each year for applications. The scholarships are available to women who are looking to enter tech from any life stage.
    Whether you have recently graduated from college or have been out of the workforce for years, you can apply. However, applicants must be over 21 and be able to commit 20 hours per week to the program over six months.
  • Payment Plan. Students in the data science and full stack development career paths can opt into a payment plan. The payment plans require a 50 percent down payment, and then a 30 percent payment of the full $3,000 fee at months three and five of the six-month program.
  • Early Enrollment Pricing. Students in the data science and full stack development career paths can pay early for a lower tuition fee. The standard fee for both programs is $3,000 each, but the early registration fee is $2,000.
  • Upfront Payment. Students in all other programs must pay the full price before admission. As we’ve mentioned above, data science and full stack development students can also choose to pay upfront.

GreyCampus Admissions: How to Get In

GreyCampus’ admissions process is very short and simple. Applicants click the enroll button under the course of their choice, enter their information, and then pay the upfront fee. Students who may want to learn more about the programs before applying can choose to call, live chat, or email GreyCampus for more information.

Though the admissions process for the programs themselves is pretty straightforward, the scholarship application is more rigorous. The Women-in-Tech Scholarship program is designed to give a boost to women that want to take GreyCampus’ Data Science and Full Stack Development courses to enter tech.

GreyCampus Scholarship Application

Students applying for the Women-In-Tech Scholarship at GreyCampus start by submitting an online application and taking an entrance exam. This scholarship is meant for women with some experience in programming, but the entrance exam only tests students’ general aptitude.

After submission, GreyCampus reviews your application and your performance on the entrance exam. If an applicant does well on this portion of the exam, they may receive an interview over the phone.

GreyCampus Scholarship Interview

These interviews seek to identify candidates who will thrive in the GreyCampus environment. To that end, the interviewer is looking to make sure that students fit the requirements, and that they also have the drive and dedication to give their all to the program.

GreyCampus Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

GreyCampus doesn’t post student outcomes on their website, nor do they offer a job guarantee. However, students do gain access to GreyCampus’ career services as they near graduation.

Job Placement Services at GreyCampus

Data science and programming students at GreyCampus get access to GreyCampus’ career services. These services consist of two key elements: assistance with job search materials, and resume forwarding support.

The job search material assistance helps students look as appealing as possible to prospective employers. Career experts at GreyCampus review your resume, LinkedIn, and GitHub profiles. After this review, these experts make suggestions for important improvements that can land you a job interview.

After a student graduates, GreyCampus reaches out to prospective organizations that are hiring data scientists or developers. GreyCampus then sends out a weekly progress report to candidates, letting them know where their resume has been sent.

Should You Apply to GreyCampus?

If you’re looking to advance your career or to make a complete change with a mostly-online option, then you should apply to GreyCampus. Your experience with GreyCampus will vary depending on which program you take, but the high standard will not. There are four things to consider when thinking about enrolling at GreyCampus:

  • Time. Do you have the time to commit to a full program at GreyCampus? The Data Science and Programming courses have multiple schedules for students, so that may be easier.
    However, if you’re looking to gain certification, you’ll have to attend a multi-day immersive course. Before committing, consider if your job will allow you the time and resources to advance your career.
  • Commitment. While GreyCampus certificate programs only take a few days to complete, the career programs take six months each. Before applying, decide if you can commit the required effort to succeed in these programs.
  • Price. GreyCampus has reasonable fees for both its certificate and its career programs. But remember that there are no loans or income share agreements available for data science or programming. You can apply if you find the prices manageable, or if you think the payment plan is right for you.
  • Curriculum. The certificate programs follow a standardized curriculum that prepares you for a standardized exam. However, the Data Science and Programming courses teach students one way of many to accomplish a specific goal. Before applying, make sure that you’re interested in learning the Python data science stack or the JavaScript web development stack.

GreyCampus gives students plenty of ways to advance or change their careers. Beginners and veterans alike can learn how to deal with data, how to build sites, how to lead, and how to ensure that their teams are producing the best quality work possible.

With everything on offer at GreyCampus, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs.

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