Epicodus Overview and Guide

A coding bootcamp is the first step to transition to tech. If you live in Portland or Seattle, you may have come across Epicodus bootcamp in your research. This Epicodus review will give you a clearer view of this web development bootcamp and what you should expect.

Epicodus is an online and on-site coding bootcamp for people who are considering a career in web development. The coding bootcamp offers courses in different programming languages like Ruby, JavaScript, and C#. The career tracks start with an intro to programming and cover advanced JavaScript courses.

During the coursework, the students learn job application skills such as cover letters and resume writing. They also prepare for non-technical and technical interviews. The program rounds up with an internship.

What You Need to Know About Epicodus

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Epicodus brings a unique learning method with its hands-on teaching style. Students build projects and write codes daily. It does not have lectures or breakout sessions. Rather, students spend time learning to code and coding daily.

  • Cost: Full-Time/Part-Time: $11,700
  • Schedules: Full-Time, Part-Time
  • Courses Offered: Web Development
  • Upcoming Start Dates: March 15

Epicodus Curricula: What Can You Study?

Epicodus focuses on programming languages to prepare students for their challenges in the future. Focused on web development, this coding bootcamp offers courses on many programming languages needed to succeed in the field.

Below are some examples of the most popular Epicodus programs.

C# and React

This program starts with an introductory course that lasts for three weeks. It covers the fundamentals of programming. On completion of the course, students learn to build basic web pages with the knowledge they have gained.

The next four weeks are dedicated to teaching intermediate JavaScript skills. The training teaches students to add interactivity features to websites and update pages. When this program is complete, students will move on to learning .NET and C#.

After the program, the students will be able to create database apps, client apps, and distributed components.

Ruby and React

As usual, students begin with the fundamentals of programming for the first few weeks. This prepares the students for the curriculum properly. Then they move on to JavaScript.

After completing the JavaScript program, they spend a few weeks learning Ruby on Rails. The last six weeks focus on React.

Intro to Programming (Part-Time)

This course is a precursor to the main programs. It is for absolute beginners to start from scratch as they learn the fundamentals of programming. During the course, students will learn to build basic web pages. It is ideal for coding newbies.

The program covers CSS and HTML. It also involves the JavaScript library for making web pages, Bootstrap for creating appealing websites, and Command line for interacting with computers.

Epicodus Campuses: Where Can You Study?

Epicodus currently has two campuses located in Portland and Seattle. Both locations offer the same programs and have both part-time and full-time options. The school provides computers for use on campus.

  • Portland
  • Seattle

Epicodus Schedules: When Can You Study?


This software engineering bootcamp has a full-time program. The first 20 weeks of the 27-week program are devoted to class activities. You will work between 8am to 5pm.

The next two weeks focus on prep work for internships and interviews. For the remaining five weeks, students will serve as interns in participating tech firms.


The coding bootcamp also has a part-time program. It starts with 40 weeks of classes in the evenings from Monday to Wednesday. Classes are also held on Sundays.

Students need to dedicate four extra hours to classwork. After this, students prepare for their internship. This requires 80 hours of prep. The students also choose their own schedule for the internship.


This coding bootcamp does not make provision for self-paced learning. Students can only choose a full-time or part-time schedule for the programs.

Epicodus Tuition

The tuition of Epicodus costs $11,700 for both full-time and part-time options. This program covers 800 hours of work in class and 80 hours preparing for an internship. Also, the tuition covers job search and job preparation support for up to one year after graduation.

Epicodus Financing and Payment Options

  • Upfront Payment. Students can pay upfront for the program. The coding bootcamp only requires a small deposit of $100 to secure a seat in the class. However, students must complete the payment before the first day of class.
  • Income Share Agreement. The coding bootcamp also has an income share agreement (ISA). This allows you to defer payment of tuition until you land a job in tech. To start the process, applicants must pay a deposit of $100 to secure their place in the program. The ISA is only repayable when you find a job, and then you pay 9.8 percent of your salary every month.
  • Loan/Payment Plan. Students can also pay the tuition fees with a loan. A $100 deposit will reserve your spot until you secure the loan. However, you must pay the tuition fees before courses commence. The coding bootcamp uses two major financiers, Climb Credit and Skills Fund. Both lenders offer low-interest loans to cover student’s tuition and living expenses.
  • Upfront Discount. Students can also get a discount if they pay $7,800 at once to reserve a seat in the class.

Epicodus Admissions: How to Get In

Epicodus software engineering bootcamp is ideal for all students, irrespective of their tech background. Beginners or newbies can apply to join this bootcamp. It has a prep course for beginner coders to bring them up to speed before the main program.

However, this does not mean that it’s a cinch to enter this bootcamp. Potential students need to have logical skills and a great mindset to join the software engineering bootcamp.

Epicodus Application

The application process for Epicodus bootcamp is straightforward. It doesn’t have application fees or an interview process.
It starts with an online application on the bootcamp’s website. You will need to add information about your background and skills. After filling in this form, the applicant needs to wait for two days for an email response from the admissions department.

The next stage involves writing a test that will evaluate your tech literacy. The admissions department will give you all of the information you need to do this. You will discover within two days whether you have passed the test. If so, you can go ahead and deposit the non-refundable sum to secure your place on the program.

Epicodus Interview

Many coding bootcamps use interviews during the application process to check if a candidate is suitable for the program. Epicodus does not have an interview process like many others. However, it has a test for applicants.

It is a logic test to check the applicant’s problem-solving skills. This skill will help you in the long run when the program starts.

Epicodus Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

Epicodus coding bootcamp has not published its admission rates. However, the small class sizes are indicative of the fact that it isn’t easy to enter.

This software engineering bootcamp does not require coding experience for applicants. For the best chance of acceptance, you should familiarize yourself with concepts of programming that relate to your preferred course.

Epicodus Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

Epicodus has reported that 75 percent of its cohort found a job within 181 days of graduating from the program. This means that 33 out of 44 students successfully landed a job within six months. Also, these graduates were hired for tech positions in front end engineering, software engineering, and web development positions.

The graduates also reported an average yearly salary of $60,000. The coding bootcamp attributes these impressive statistics to providing both career services and a solid curriculum.

Job Placement Services at Epicodus

Epicodus does not offer a job guarantee. However, the coding bootcamp offers a match-making internship process. This leads to placements in a wide range of tech companies for students, preparing them for the real-world. In addition, the Epicodus career service helps you prepare for interviews and optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Should You Apply to Epicodus?

Epicodus sets out to teach programming fundamentals, teamwork, and problem-solving. In essence, all the programming languages students need to align with today’s tech world. There are several reasons to apply to Epicodus:

  • Independent Projects. Students in this program engage in indices projects that form a part of their portfolio. On completion of each full-time program, you will work solo on projects. Teachers then provide valuable feedback to help you improve.
  • Pair Programming. This software engineering bootcamp understands the importance of pair programming to help students teach each other and learn to collaborate. This method is already in use by many tech companies such as Square and Facebook. It can help students master concepts quicker.
  • Lunch Speakers. Students sometimes need to hear the perspective of others in the programming industry. This helps them to gain insight and manage their expectations. To facilitate this, different speakers from the tech world hold a lunch talk every Wednesday.
  • In-person Facilities. Epicodus is one of the few coding bootcamps that provides computers for its students. All students on campus get Mac computers to work with in the classroom. Online students can also benefit from the Reskill America project.

If you want a program that will cover the fundamentals of web design and advanced frameworks and languages, this code school may be just right for you.

However, if you want to explore other tech courses in data science, data analytics, digital marketing, UX/UI design, and product management, other coding bootcamps may meet your criteria more fully.

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