DaVinci Coders Overview and Guide

A lot of coding bootcamps today offer programs in data science, UX/UI design, web development, and product management. Only a few of these bootcamps have game development as a part of their curriculum or as a standalone course, and DaVinci Coders is one of them. This DaVinci Coders review will highlight all you should know about the bootcamp.

DaVinci Coders is a part-time training program that offers a game development course. The intensive program takes place online and at the Colorado campus. After 11 weeks at DaVinci Coders, students will be able to apply coding skills to real-world projects.

The coding bootcamp also provides a co-working space for students as a great alternative to a library.

What You Need to Know About DaVinci Coders

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DaVinci Coders is designed to teach students the skills they need to become game developers. Considering it offers a part-time program, students get to learn new skills while balancing their personal lives as well. In spite of the focus, the program extends beyond game development and also covers the fundamentals of programming.

  • Cost: Part-Time: $7,995
  • Schedules: Part-Time
  • Courses Offered: Game Development
  • Upcoming Start Dates: Open Enrollment

DaVinci Coders Curricula: What Can You Study?

This coding bootcamp has a two-fold course. It provides a solid foundation in C# language and software engineering. It also teaches students to develop video games with the Unity engine, a popular tool in the market.

Video Game Development

Students in this game development bootcamp learn to write, design, debug and develop games and codes. In the process, they build a portfolio for job searches in the future.

The game development course teaches Java and C# programming languages. These languages are highly in-demand which gives students a solid foundation to gain employability beyond the gaming industry.

The curriculum also includes Unity engine training, a popular and dynamic game design engine. It is used in developing games for different gaming platforms. Some of the games include Oculus Rift, 3D modeling, mobile games, and virtual reality.

The program also includes advanced design and game development skills that gaming studios require from entry-level designers and developers.

DaVinci Coders Campuses: Where Can You Study?

DaVinci Coders currently does not have other campuses aside from its headquarters in Westminster, Colorado. The classes take place at the DaVinci Institute Campus, located in a region between Boulder and Denver.

  • Westminster

DaVinci Coders Schedules: When Can You Study?


Full-time training is the norm in most coding bootcamps. Students are required to devote at least 60 hours per week to studying and assignments. This game development bootcamp, however, does not have a full-time program. Classes are usually in the evenings and take place a few times a week.


The game development program at DaVinci Coders is solely part-time. This implies that tech aspirants of all backgrounds can participate in the program. Students are only required to attend classes thrice a week.

The classes take place in the evenings and the total hours required are between 30 to 40 hours a week. It is an excellent program for people who cannot allocate more time for a full-time program.


The flex schedule, as the name suggests, is usually more flexible than the part-time program. It is self-paced and allows learners to assign their own hours. This schedule is ideal for people who are juggling other commitments like work and school. DaVinci Coders does not currently have a flex learning schedule.

DaVinci Coders Tuition

DaVinci Coders is a non-profit school and its goal is to provide affordable education. As such, the tuition is set at $7,995. Once students are accepted into the program, they are required to pay a $500 deposit to signify their commitment. The school also offers several financing options for potential students.

DaVinci Coders Financing and Payment Options

  • Ascent Funding. Students can choose to pay for their tuition with three-year or five-year loans from the coding bootcamp’s lending partner, Ascent Funding. All loans from Ascent Funding have fixed interest rates.
    The lender makes it possible for students to view their monthly payments and interest rates even before starting the application. People with poor credit have the option to bring on a cosigner.
  • Even Financial. DaVinci Coders offers Even Financial as a tool for students to compare loan terms. This eases the process and helps students discover the best rates. Applicants can use this tool to find out if they are pre-approved for any kind of financing at the coding bootcamp.
  • WIOA Workforce Program. DaVinci Coders is a part of the state WIOA Workforce Program so students may qualify for some financial assistance. It is crucial to note that the grant is limited so students are encouraged to apply early.
  • DaVinci Institute. In a bid to ease the financial burden on students, the parent company of the coding bootcamp, DaVinci Institute, offers payment plans for select applicants facing financial challenges. This option offers need-based scholarships for those who meet the requirements and each recipient’s funding is personalized.

DaVinci Coders Admissions: How to Get In

Admissions into this game development bootcamp are not a walk in the park. However, if you are fully motivated, you can successfully enroll in the program.

The bootcamp is open for beginners, but those with intermediate coding experience can also apply. The main skills the school looks for in beginners are the willingness to practice and the drive to learn.

DaVinci Coders Application

The application process involves four simple steps. To start, you need to fill out an online application form on the coding bootcamp’s website.

The next step is a phone interview with members of the admissions team. If this interview is successful, the applicant will go through an in-person interview, followed by an aptitude test. It is usually on general computer literacy and comprehension.

Results will be announced within one business day. If you are accepted, you would need to deposit $500 to indicate your interest in the program.

DaVinci Coders Interview

DaVinci Coders has two interviews during the admissions stage. The interviews will gauge the applicant’s motivation and technical skills. You can expect questions about why you want to be a developer and what your motivation is.

The interviewers may also want to know how you would collaborate with your peers while working as a group. For the technical aspect, the test could either be a coding challenge or an assessment. Since the coding bootcamp does not have a prep course to get applicants ready for the interviews, prospective students are encouraged to conduct their own online research. Having some basic knowledge of your preferred course may come in handy.

DaVinci Coders Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

DaVinci Coders has yet to publish its admission rate. However, the class sizes are reportedly small. This implies that the game development bootcamp’s admission rate is lower than others. It may be difficult for applicants to get accepted. However, with some motivation and self-initiated preparation, anyone can join the program.

DaVinci Coders Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

DaVinci Coders does not make its student outcomes report public. There is no way to determine how many of its students landed a job as soon as they graduate.

However, the coding bootcamp claims that some of its graduates have gone on to work in several tech companies such as IBM, Oracle, UnitedHealthCare, and SendGrid.

Job Placement Services at DaVinci Coders

DaVinci Coders does not guarantee jobs for students who take the game development course. While there is no job assistance or career services available, the course is designed to equip students with the relevant skills to make it as a junior developer.

At the end of the course, students will also have built a portfolio that is ready to be presented to recruiters and prospective employers.

Should You Apply to DaVinci Coders?

DaVinci Coders offers a solid game development training program, an emerging course that is still missing from the syllabus of most schools today. Students who enrolled in this program can use their knowledge to work as web developers or game developers.

The curriculum also focuses on a popular engine for game design to make it easier for graduates to practice what they have learned.

  • Real-World Coding Skills. This coding bootcamp utilizes hands-on practices to ensure that students learn real-world skills. The initial training session in the classroom ends with an application of coding skills in real-world work environments. This forms as a part of students’ portfolios.
  • Small Class Sizes. DaVinci Coders maintains small class sizes in each cohort. Classes are never larger than 16 students at a time.
    This low student-to-teacher ratio is ideal because it makes it easier for instructors to break down the curriculum according to the needs of each student. It also creates a more hands-on environment.
  • All-Round Instruction. Aside from learning coding skills, students get all-around instruction before the course starts. For example, the instructors will guide students on how to download and install the necessary software to kick off the program.
  • Multiple Financing Options. Students in this coding bootcamp have multiple financing options to cover their tuition. The school also offers a loan comparison service and financial support from the state.

If you want to learn to program in just 11 weeks, you should apply to DaVinci Coders. The game development bootcamp has an impressive curriculum that also covers the fundamentals of web development.

However, it still lacks variety when it comes to course offerings. People who want to become data scientists, UX/UI designers, or product managers would not be able to find a suitable program at DaVinci Coders.

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