Codeworks Overview and Guide

Codeworks is a coding bootcamp that trains up software engineers and web developers. Its various coding programs are available online or onsite.

In this Codeworks review, we’ll give you an in-depth assessment to help you decide if one of the school’s programs can provide what you and your career are looking for.

What You Need to Know About Codeworks

Codeworks’ mission is to match learners with the knowledge they need to start a career in tech. It has coding programs for both beginners and experienced students. Whether you want to learn software engineering or become a full stack developer, the school’s courses are geared toward helping you accomplish your goals.

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In addition to onsite and online courses for the general public, Codeworks also features a corporate training service for companies looking to harness the potential tech talent already on staff.

  • Cost: Onsite: $11,782 – $13,051, Remote: $6,500 – $8,900
  • Schedules: Full-Time, Self-Paced
  • Courses Offered: Software Engineering Immersive, Web Development Immersive, Intro to JavaScript
  • Upcoming Start Dates: April 19, June 7, July 26, September 20, November 8

Codeworks Curricula: What Can You Study?

Codeworks offers essential training in web development and software engineering. The school guides students through all the fundamentals until they can build websites and applications of any scale.

Software Engineering Immersive

The 12-week Software Engineering Immersive program is carefully crafted to teach aspiring software engineers how to build full-scale applications. The program encompasses foundational programming languages, scripting languages, algorithms, front end and backend frameworks, and other concepts necessary for software engineering.

You will also learn about data structures, and get some experience with deployment and end-to-end testing. For your eventual job search, you will benefit from portfolio preparation and interview training throughout the course.

Web Development Immersive

By registering in the eight-week Web Development Immersive program, you will get to know some of the most in-demand web frameworks, like Angular and React for the front end. As for backend frameworks, you’ll learn Node, Express, GraphQL, and Koa. Once you have these tools in hand, the web developer job offers will start rolling in.

Intro to JavaScript

Also available at Codeworks is a free JavaScript course for beginners. In just 10 to 20 hours of self-paced study, you’ll get an overview of the theory and practice of JavaScript, including JS syntax, functions, objects, and all of the language’s many facets. You can also take this course in preparation for Codeworks’ more advanced courses.

Codeworks Campuses: Where Can You Study?

Codeworks’ courses are available online for those who don’t mind distance learning, and in-person for those who prefer a physical experience. The in-person classes are offered on both sides of the Atlantic, with three locations in Europe and one in North America.

  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • London
  • Toronto
  • Online

Codeworks Schedules: When Can You Study?


Codeworks’ full-time schedules are 12 weeks for the immersive software engineering program and eight weeks for the web development program.

The online courses go for 11 hours a day, six days a week. Classes start at 9am EST for students in North and South America. Students in Europe, Africa, and Middle Eastern time zones start at 9am CET.

For onsite courses, class times depend on the location. In Barcelona, Berlin, and Toronto, classes run from 9am to 9pm. In London, classes start at 8am and go until 8pm.


The only course that offers a flexible schedule is the Intro to JavaScript program. Upon signing up, you can immediately start the course and go at your own pace until you’re finished. The suggested time is 10 to 20 hours.

Codeworks Tuition

Codeworks has two paid courses. Your tuition depends on the mode and location of the program you would like to take. Onsite programs range from $11,782 to $13,051, while online classes cost between $6,500 and $8,900.

Codeworks Financing and Payment Options

  • Upfront payment. If you have enough funds, you can pay the required deposit as soon as you’re admitted. Then you’ll have to pay the remaining balance before the start date.
  • Student Loan. Codeworks also offers loans through its financing partners. The terms depend on the course location, the amount you need, and your loan provider.
  • Pay when you get a job. Codeworks’ version of the income share agreement (ISA) is ideal for students who can’t afford to pay in full. With this option, you just have to put down an initial deposit. You will owe the rest after you land a good job with a tech company. If after a year you still haven’t found gainful work, you won’t have to pay.
    The total cost for this payment method is usually around 30 percent more than the upfront payment. Only students with a valid work permit in the United States, Canada, Europe, or Australia are eligible.

Codeworks Admissions: How to Get In

To increase your chances of getting in, you should take the free course first. Once you feel confident in your skills, you’ll need to take and pass an admissions test. From there, you will be required to complete a series of interviews.

Codeworks Application

You can apply on the Codeworks website by choosing your desired course and filling out the application form. Upon submitting your application, you will receive an email that contains a link to the admissions test. Once you pass it, you can proceed to the next interview. If you fail the test, don’t worry. You can just retake it.

Codeworks Interview

If you pass the admission test, Codeworks will reach out to you for a series of interviews. The interviews are conducted over video calls, so make sure you have a computer with a fast and stable Internet connection.

The first interview mainly focuses on what Codeworks is all about and why you want to attend a Codeworks bootcamp. You’ll be given a chance to raise questions and ask for clarification about the program.

This is followed by a technical interview, which aims to test your knowledge about programming. You will be assessed on how well you can solve problems and understand coding concepts.

Passing these two interviews will get you to the code challenge. You will be given an assignment and a strict deadline. If you complete the challenge to Codeworks’ satisfaction, you’ll be admitted to your desired course.

Codeworks Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

Although Codeworks has not published its admission rate, it was revealed in a 2017 interview that Codeworks has an acceptance rate of just two percent. It is unknown if that number has gone up, gone down, or stayed the same.

Codeworks accepts only the most committed students. You can prove your commitment by taking the free JavaScript pre-course and learning the fundamentals of computer programming.

Codeworks Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

Codeworks directly helps students find better jobs and get promotions. Although Codeworks does not offer an official job guarantee, it boasts a 100 percent job placement rate within six months of course completion. Graduates of Codeworks, moreover, earn salaries that are 12 percent higher than the industry average.

Job Placement Services at Codeworks

Codeworks prides itself on its high job placement rate. To achieve such impressive hiring numbers, the school includes portfolio preparation, job interview training, and career support in every curriculum.

Should You Apply to Codeworks?

If you’re determined to become a web or software developer and willing to commit to extensive learning, Codeworks is a great choice for you. Although it only has two courses, they are both comprehensive and advanced, perfect for leveling up your programming skills.

All that said, deciding whether to enroll in Codeworks can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re not sure of your resources. Below are some factors to consider during your decision-making process.

  • Financial status. Before you apply for one of Codeworks’ immersive courses, make sure that you have enough funds to cover tuition. Review the financing and payment options to get an idea of how much debt or risk you’ll be taking on.
  • Scheduling. Since both immersive courses are full-time, you should figure out whether your schedule can accommodate the required time commitment.
  • Resources. You are required to have your own computer and a reliable Internet connection to participate in a Codeworks bootcamp.

Unfortunately, Codeworks does not offer a data science bootcamp at this time. But if you’re ready to learn to code and launch a career in software engineering or web development, just take the Codeworks’ admissions test to get started.

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