Betamore Academy Overview and Guide

Betamore Academy is a Baltimore-based coding bootcamp that offers courses on web development and project management. At the time of writing, the bootcamp remains temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nonetheless, we give you a comprehensive Betamore Academy review should you wish to see what kind of tech education you’ll receive once the coding bootcamp re-opens its doors.

The main drive of Betamore Academy is to integrate technology with entrepreneurship. Because of this, its programs are designed to teach you how to leverage technology for business growth. In this review, we lay out how Betamore Academy trains its students to be part of the future of work.

What You Need to Know About Betamore Academy

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Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Betamore Academy aims to produce a pool of qualified tech talents in the city through its bootcamp programs. It offers courses on front end and backend web development as well as project management.

After completing their chosen programs, graduates receive job support through Betamore Academy’s career services. These include potential hiring from one of its employer partners.

  • Cost: $2,995 to $3,400
  • Schedule: Not Available
  • Courses Offered: Front End Web Development, Backend Web Development, Project Management
  • Upcoming Start Dates: Not Available / Temporarily Closed Due to COVID-19

Betamore Academy Curricula: What Can You Study?

If you are looking to study software engineering, Betamore Academy offers a coding bootcamp on web development. A project management course is also available if you want to focus on learning how to spearhead projects through to success using today’s project management methodologies. These courses are offered on a part-time basis.

Front End Web Development Program

Betamore Academy’s Front End Web Development Program primarily focuses on developing your web design skills. The program opens with lessons on the principles of web design.

This eventually translates to practice as you learn the basics of how to write code using the top front end programming languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You then learn how to use these to build a website that works across a range of devices and creates a positive user experience.

Running for 10 weeks, the course also teaches you the skills necessary to expertly navigate WordPress, the most popular website builder for business owners and bloggers alike. Because of the platform’s relevance, web designers with WordPress skills are hot in the job market. At the end of the course, you are expected to build a web design of your own from scratch.

Backend Web Development Program

While front end development focuses on all things client-facing such as the web design, backend development is all about the behind-the-scenes work. This 12-week program walks you through what happens on the server-side of websites. You will learn how to properly maintain servers and the other elements that keep a website running.

You’ll first learn the basics of website building through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before moving on to maintaining databases with Ruby on Rails. This is an important aspect, especially for websites that rely on data science to better understand user engagement.

Ruby on Rails is one of the most powerful programming languages in the web development world. Coding in this language creates websites that are more dynamic and displays optimal functionality. This makes Betamore Academy’s Backend Web Development Program an appealing choice for aspiring developers.

Project Management Program

With the new technological advancements came new ways of managing projects. More and more, we see how artificial intelligence plays a significant role across disciplines, including project management. For instance, it paved the way for a more automated project planning process.

This program delves into the process that goes into overseeing a project and how software and modern project management methodologies can help you get to the finish line. Betamore Academy offers this course because it believes in the synergy of business and technology.

In this bootcamp, you will encounter the main elements of project management, from managing your project costs, time, risks, and scope. The main goal is to amp up your skills so that you can effectively complete a project on time and to specifications once you’re in the workplace.

If you are gearing to acquire the Certificate in Project Management, this is an ideal course for you. You will learn the fundamentals of managing projects. Expect to gain well-rounded skills that you can use for all kinds of projects may it be for business, government, or non-profit.

Betamore Academy Campuses: Where Can You Study?

Classes are only offered in person at the Betamore Academy located in Baltimore, Maryland. Due to the pandemic, they are temporarily closed and have not shifted to remote learning.
Betamore Academy: When Can You Study?


The courses offered by Betamore Academy are done on a part-time basis only. The Front End Web Development Program takes 10 weeks while the Backend Web Development Program takes 12 weeks.

There is no mention of how long its Project Management Program runs. Nonetheless, all courses require at least six to seven hours per week of studying and working on projects.

Betamore Academy Tuition

The cost of attendance varies by program. The Backend Development Program takes the longest to finish and is, therefore, the most expensive at $3,400. The Front End Web Development Program follows with a $3,000 price tag. Finally, the Project Management Program costs $2,995.

Financing and payment options are available for students.

Betamore Academy Financing and Payment Options

  • Upfront Payment with Discount. Pay a deposit to secure your slot. Then, pay in full on or before the first day of class to avail of Betamore Academy’s tuition fee discount.
  • Loan Financing. If an upfront payment is a steep option, then perhaps consider taking out a student loan. This does not necessarily have to be approved by Betamore Academy.
  • Unique Installment Payment. You can directly talk to the admissions or accounting office. They are open to other kinds of payment schemes that benefit both parties.
  • Tuition Refund. If you accept a job in one of Betamore Work Partners, you will be refunded a total of 80 percent of your tuition fee.

Betamore Academy Admissions: How to Get In

Betamore Academy has no specific criteria for admissions. However, its web development courses require a basic understanding of coding so you can keep up with the coursework.

A basic understanding of project management is similarly required for Betamore Academy’s Project Management Program. Having experience in project management is also a plus, especially if you’re gearing towards taking a certification exam after this course.

Betamore Academy Application

The application process at Betamore is short and sweet. Simply fill out the online application form available on the Betamore Academy website and submit it. After this, a member of the school’s admissions team will call you to set a schedule for an interview. If you pass the interview, you’re all set to start your training. There are no exams and assessment tests.

Betamore Academy Interview

While the website has not given any context for the interview, the school’s admissions team is available for inquiry. However, what we can say is that, as all interviews go, building a rapport with your interviewer can go a long way.

Betamore Academy Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

Betamore Academy has not published its admission rate, so answering this could be tricky. That said, make sure that you check the prerequisites for your choice of program before applying.

There are also tons of free resources online that you can use to gain a basic understanding of your chosen field. Lastly, you can be the most knowledgeable candidate but if you don’t have the availability nor the commitment to undergo intensive training, your chances of getting in will be slim.

Betamore Academy Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

The job placement rate among Betamore Academy graduates is not available. However, given the attention that goes into creating its curricula, students likely come out with competitive skills after the bootcamp.

Job Placement Services at Betamore Academy

Betamore Academy ensures that its graduates are cared for after completing the program. It offers career services that guide graduates on how to better create their resume and prepare for job interviews with prospective employers.

Betamore Works is one of the unique job placement services of Betamore Academy. This division finds partner companies who are looking to hire tech graduates. If a graduate accepts a job placement in one of these companies, the student will receive 80 percent of her tuition back.

Aside from a job placement opportunity, Betamore Academy also prepares its students for careers that exhibit growth and lucrative salaries.

Should You Apply to Betamore Academy?

Betamore Academy is a respectable coding bootcamp in Baltimore that unfortunately had to temporarily close down because of the pandemic. If you are interested in the academy, take these considerations to heart:

  • Uncertain Return. The reopening of Betamore Academy remains uncertain. At the moment, its main business is focused on shared workspaces.
  • Relocation Concerns. If Betamore Academy returns, would you be willing to relocate to Baltimore, Maryland? Betamore Academy only offers in-person classes so enrollment to the school will mean having to move to the city.
  • Openness to Unique Payment Plans. Betamore Academy is open to unique payment plans that might be more ideal for you.

With Betamore Academy temporarily closed, enrollment in the coding bootcamp is simply not possible. Nonetheless, these considerations and reviews are available to help you decide once classes resume. You can also use this as a point of comparison with other coding bootcamps on your radar.

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