Actualize Overview and Guide

This Actualize review will highlight the courses, tuition, financing, and other offerings of the coding bootcamp. This Chicago-based school equips students with the relevant skills to become web developers.

Actualize offers an online and on-site program in Chicago. With a unique live training model, both remote and on-campus students go through the same lessons in real-time. However, all classes are currently online due to COVID-19.

This coding bootcamp teaches full stack development with JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, VueJS, CSS, HTML, SQL, and Git. Students also learn how to use APIs and create them while exploring database design.

What You Need to Know About Actualize

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Actualize uses a blended method of teaching which includes live instructions and exercises. Given that online students attend live classes, they also have the same opportunity as on-campus students to interact and ask questions as the lessons progress.

To ensure everyone is on the same page, the coding bootcamp offers additional support via private video chats for remote students.

  • Cost: Full-Time/Part-Time: $13,900
  • Schedules: Part-Time, Full-Time
  • Courses Offered: Web Development
  • Upcoming Start Dates: March 21, May 2, July 11

Actualize Curricula: What Can You Study?

Actualize’s curriculum is centered around web development, along with job hacking training. The latter is focused on building student’s networking and personal branding skills which are essential in securing a job.

Web Development

The web development course is available full-time and part-time and can be taken either remotely or on-site. Throughout the program, students are exposed to software engineering skills with a focus on full stack development.

The program teaches in-demand frameworks and languages which include VueJS, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, HTML, SQL, CSS, and Git. To train students to think like industry professionals, the curriculum covers backend development tools as well.


During the Prework stage, students will be exposed to the fundamentals of coding via a series of videos, taught by CEO Jay Wengrow himself. Prework is crucial as it ensures that students have a full understanding of the basics before moving into the main program.

Each video comes with some exercises that are submitted through the Student Portal. A teaching assistant reviews the assignment and provides constructive feedback when necessary. While the school recommends 20 hours for Prework, students are free to complete the lessons and exercises at their own pace within the allocated four weeks.

Actualize Campuses: Where Can You Study?

Actualize has only one campus in Chicago. However, students across the country are welcomed to enroll and take advantage of its online program.

  • Chicago

Actualize Schedules: When Can You Study?


This coding bootcamp has a full-time schedule that requires 40 hours a week to finish. The curriculum is structured around in-depth lessons and assignments. Full-time students go through an intensive schedule that aims to cover all topics in 12 weeks. This option, however, may not be suitable for those who are also working full-time.


Actualize has a part-time schedule for those who are simultaneously juggling other responsibilities like work or school. Due to its lower intensity, part-time students will have 16 weeks to go through the course. It can also be completed in-person and online.


Flex programs are more convenient for students who cannot afford to dedicate a lot of time to learning. The Flex model is generally a self-paced program and takes longer to complete due to the lack of fixed hours. Actualize does not currently offer a Flex option for its program but students have the full-time and part-time options to pick from.

Actualize Tuition

Both the full-time and part-time options cost $13,900. Once a student is accepted, they are expected to pay $1,000 as a non-refundable deposit.

The aim is to secure a spot in the program. The amount will be deducted from the tuition total and students have three flexible financing options to pay off the remainder.

Actualize Financing and Payment Options

  • Upfront Payment. Students can pay upfront for the tuition and get a discount of $500. The Admissions Advisor at Actualize will help students determine the payment date.
  • Three Installments. Students can also opt for installments. The tuition can be divided into three manageable payments with zero interest.
    The school’s Admissions Advisor helps students determine the date of payment and the final payment date. All fees are due before graduation day.
  • TuitionFlex. Actualize has another option known as TuitionFlex which will see the coding bootcamp financing the student’s tuition for three years.
    Depending on the student’s credit and financial history, monthly repayments range between $409 to $452. Students are welcomed to consult the Admissions Advisor to learn more.

Actualize Admissions: How to Get In

Actualize is ideal for aspiring software engineers with no prior experience. The coding bootcamp is looking for people who are passionate about web development.

The school does not offer a prep course for the admissions interview but self-training generally suffices. A slew of free online resources is available to help applicants get ready for the interview.

Actualize Application

To apply for this program, applicants need to fill the online application form on the website. After submitting it, they will be required to participate in two separate interviews with the school’s Admissions Advisors. There are no coding assessments or challenges involved.

Once students are accepted, they have to complete the four-week Prework stage which involves watching pre-recorded videos that introduce the basics of computer programming. Students also have to submit assignments during this period.

Actualize Interview

Actualize has two interviews during the admission process but they do not involve any coding tests or technical challenges. It is simply a sit-down session with the Admissions Advisors.

There are a few things to keep in mind during this process. The coding bootcamp is not searching for students with strong programming backgrounds and is more interested in your passion. As such, get ready to show the team how passionate you are about coding.

Additionally, the coding bootcamp prioritizes students who are sure of their intention and aspiration when it comes to a career path. It is preferable that students know exactly what they wish to do with the training. It is highly encouraged for prospective students to do some research on the school and the courses that they will take. This will demonstrate your ability to take initiative, which is always a positive thing.

Actualize Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

Actualize has not published its admissions rate yet. However, considering the small class sizes, it may be safe to assume that the admissions rate is lower compared to others.

As such, the chances of you having a successful admission may also be lower. Doing your own prep work could help a great deal in increasing the likelihood of your admission.

Actualize Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

The school has yet to officially publish its outcomes. However, based on the course structure, graduates of the coding bootcamp will walk away with prominent skills that can boost their employability rate. Actualize’s curriculum is constantly updated to ensure students have the skills that top employers look for.

Job Placement Services at Actualize

This software engineering bootcamp does not offer a job placement service. However, it offers Career Support through career advisors and counselors.

After graduation, students will convene two nights a week for Job Hacking sessions, during which they will practice for behavioral and technical job interviews. Other activities include building additional projects to help expand their portfolios.

This process helps students with navigating the job-finding phase.

Should You Apply to Actualize?

Actualize has a single training program for those looking to become web developers. Some other reasons for you to consider enrolling include:

  • Live Training. The coding bootcamp uses live training for its online students and not just pre-recorded videos. Students can ask questions in real-time and get video support from seasoned instructors.
    The classes also come with exercises to ensure that students can demonstrate understanding of what they have learned. Students also get to work on individual capstone projects that are a part of the graduate showcase of each cohort.
  • Career Support. This coding bootcamp has a Career Support program that meets twice a week after graduation. Graduates engage in Job Hacking, a session that prepares them for technical job interviews and behavioral interviews.
  • Flexible Payment Options. Aside from upfront payment, Actualize makes it possible for students to pay in three installments. There is also a three-year deferred payment option called TuitionFlex. Repayments vary according to the student’s credit and financial history.
  • Low Barriers to Entry. Unlike others, Actualize does not put prospective students through a coding challenge or technical test. This means that those without a tech background are more than welcomed to apply. It is still preferable for them to get familiar with the basics of programming.

Actualize is an online and on-site coding bootcamp for people who want to become software engineers. Its curriculum is packed with in-demand languages, tools, and frameworks.

If you want to pick up the skills to become a web developer, Actualize may be a good option for you. However, this school falls short in terms of program offerings. Other crucial tech courses such as data science and UX/UI design are absent in the course offerings.

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