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If you want to pursue a career in game development or game design, then Blizzard Entertainment might be the company for you. Keep reading to find more information on the company’s culture, average pay, benefits, and hiring process, and kickstart your journey to a lucrative Blizzard career.

What Is Blizzard? Blizzard Company Overview

Blizzard Entertainment is one of the top game and software development companies in the video game industry. The company was founded in 1994 by Allen Adham, Michael Morhaime, and Frank Pearce and has its headquarters in Santa Monica, California. Blizzard’s current parent company employs around 5,000 people in Singapore, the US, France, and Holland.

Today, Blizzard Entertainment specializes in an array of fields, such as engineering, IT, animation, design, 3D environments, video game development, marketing, and e-Sports. Some of the company’s world-renowned adventure games include World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Blackthorne, Diablo, and RPM Racing.

Depending on your career goals, you can become a software developer, video game designer, game director, data analyst, or animator for this renowned company.

What Is It Like to Work at Blizzard?

At Blizzard, you will work in an innovative environment and be surrounded by a strong sense of inclusivity. If you have a passion for gaming and creating an epic game experience, then Blizzard Entertainment is for you. Keep reading to find further details on this company’s work culture, average salary, benefits, and employee reviews.

What's the Company Culture at Blizzard?

The company culture at Blizzard is inclusive, creative, and collaborative. Blizzard Entertainment is an equal opportunity employer and is a reputable institution to work for. The company hires tons of talented people who create epic entertainment experiences for video game users globally.

This firm abides by eight company values that include gameplay, commitment to quality, playing nice, playing fair, embracing your inner geek, every voice matters, learning and growing, thinking globally, and leading responsibly. These values are reflected in the company’s gaming experience and its online gaming products.

What's the Average Salary at Blizzard?

According to Payscale, the average salary at Blizzard Entertainment is $97,000, and the average bonus is $8,000. Payscale reports that the company’s average salary ranges from $59,271 to $143,290.

The compensation can change depending on your educational background, work experience, and job designation. For example, the average salary for a 3D artist at the company is $76,000 but is $110,870 for a site reliability engineer.

What Employee Benefits and Perks Can You Get at Blizzard?

The employee benefits and perks you can get at Blizzard are similar to those provided by most top companies, including medical and retirement plans. Blizzard offers access to benefits, such as healthcare insurance and paid leave. As a Blizzard Entertainment employee, you will get dental, vision, medical, and health savings plans.

The retirement care plans offered by the company include a 401k, a 529 college savings plan, and a financial wellness guarantee. You also get paid vacation days and bereavement and military leaves. The gaming company also offers an on-site library and university to its employees.

Blizzard Employee Reviews

Blizzard employee reviews on popular job search platforms are mostly positive. According to the Blizzard Entertainment reviews on Indeed, the company has a 3.9 overall rating, and it scores the highest on its work-life balance, management, culture, and compensation factors.

Positive employee reviews mention Blizzard’s management styles, relaxed environment, and benefits. Some of the most common negative reviews include minimal opportunities for advancement and working during weekends.

The company has received an overall rating of 3.4 according to the Blizzard Entertainment reviews on Glassdoor. The reviews rave about the good company culture, focus on innovation, and work-life balance. The cons include poor management tactics, minimal professional development opportunities, and weekend schedules.

Two people playing with a Sony PS4 game console. How to Get a Job at Blizzard

Blizzard Hiring Process: Getting a Job at Blizzard

The hiring process at Blizzard Entertainment is extensive and includes completing an application, attending various interviews, and taking assessments. During the interviews, you will need to showcase impressive qualifications and advanced skills to have an opportunity to work at Blizzard.

Do You Need a Degree to Work for Blizzard?

No, you do not need a degree to work for Blizzard, as the company offers jobs that focus on the candidate’s skills and relevant experience instead of educational qualifications. You can use your relevant video game development and other game experience to join the company’s game team.

Coding bootcamps, including General Assembly, Make School, and The Tech Academy, can also help you land a job with Blizzard’s game team. However, certain roles and positions in upper management at the company require a master’s or bachelor’s degree.

Blizzard Job Application and Interview Process

The job application and interview process at Blizzard is rigorous and requires applicants to have advanced skills and qualifications. You can apply for your dream job through the company’s official application platform or via popular job search boards. Be sure to highlight your gaming industry knowledge and relevant job skills in your online application.

You also need to write a strong cover letter to clear the company’s initial screening process. The interview process consists of two rounds of interviews that cover technical and standard questions. You will initially be invited for a phone interview and if you pass to the second round you will have a panel interview.

Some jobs also require an assessment. If you apply to be a mobile developer, game designer, or software engineer, you will get tested on your design and programming skills.

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Blizzard?

Yes, it is hard to get a job at Blizzard as this is one of the leading companies in the gaming industry, so it receives tons of applications. The recruitment process is competitive and time-consuming, and you need to clear Blizzard’s applicant screening, interview rounds, and assessments to get a job offer.

What Data-Driven Jobs Can I Get at Blizzard?

Blizzard offers tons of jobs in software infrastructure, mobile game development, game design, artificial intelligence, and animation. Landing a job at this reputable company will help you enhance your skills and open up various career growth opportunities for you.

Read below to find the top data-driven jobs offered by Blizzard. Know that these job listings were available while this article was being written in November 2021.

Data Science Manager

Who You Are: This position requires extensive experience in data science and managerial projects. You will need to showcase a working knowledge of computer graphics, NLP, predictive modeling, reinforcement learning, and procedural content generation.

What You’ll Do: This is a managerial position, so your responsibilities will include overseeing the data science teams and projects. Some of your duties will consist of delivering project updates to clients, mitigating project risks, and implementing efficient project management methods.

Test Analyst, World of Warcraft

Who You Are: This position requires a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in a relevant field in addition to three years of software testing experience. You need to know SDLC, data analysis, game engines, and software quality testing. You also need an ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation or equivalent certification.

What You’ll Do: You will design and develop software testing and library maintenance plans for World of Warcraft. Job duties will include automating QA tests, monitoring software functionality, and maintaining QA for user experience. You will collaborate with UX designers, game developers, and QA analysts.

Associate Data Scientist

Who You Are: This associate data scientist position requires professional experience in machine learning, algorithm design, AI, computer graphics, and statistics. You will also need a working knowledge of Python and data science packages. You can attend a data science bootcamp to qualify for this job.

What You’ll Do: Your job responsibilities will include developing machine learning and AI solutions to improve the overall gameplay and business growth factors. The position also requires you to explain machine learning and data science solutions to non-technical clients.

Director of Product and Strategic Finance, Overwatch

Who You Are: This directorial position requires 10 or more years of industry experience and a master’s degree or equivalent experience in finance or product management. You need to showcase your expertise in business and product management, the gaming industry, and game performance metrics analysis.

What You’ll Do: This position requires you to lead and oversee the financial management and business strategy departments. You will implement business growth strategies, plan a long-term budget, and identify and mitigate financial risks. You will meet with company executives to update them on business initiatives.

Analyst, Global Growth Marketing Analytics

Who You Are: This position requires a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of experience in marketing analytics. You will need to master SQL, R, Python, Tableau, and marketing technologies and measurement tools to increase your chances of getting hired.

What You’ll Do: Your responsibilities include devising strategies and solutions for the company’s marketing and game commercials. You will work with data engineering, strategy, and marketing teams to design a campaign measurement plan. You will use customer behavior and marketing performance data to improve marketing outcomes.

Sr. Analyst, Treasury

Who You Are: This senior treasury role requires five or more years of treasury operations experience. Having systems administration, investment banking, Oracle, and treasury management systems experience will increase your chances of getting hired.

What You’ll Do: Your job duties involve leading treasury activities, including dividend and capitalization, and supporting foreign exchange management. You will also manage the investment executions, intercompany activities, and debts administration. You will use financial data to make the company’s treasury decisions.

Data Analyst, Game Analytics

Who You Are: This position requires an in-depth understanding of data visualization and analytics. You need a bachelor’s degree and two or more years of experience in gaming, data analytics, or data science. Having an understanding of A/B testing, SQL, predictive modeling, Tableau, and Python, is also preferred.

What You’ll Do: Your job responsibilities cover product analysis and database efficiency optimization. You will be responsible for using data insights to deliver solutions to improve business efficiency and scalability. You will work with game designers, game engineers, and product managers.

Senior User Researcher

Who You Are: This senior position requires a Master’s Degree in Market Research or Psychology, with an additional six years of user research testing experience. You also need an understanding of gameplay mechanics, monetizing, research considerations, and theory crafting.

What You’ll Do: This position requires you to design user research methods, manage user research analysts, and maintain data records. You will work with business intelligence analysts, marketers, and game designers to develop a user-friendly and UX-optimized game.

Senior Financial Analyst

Who You Are: This position requires three or more years of experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or Accounting. The company prefers candidates with financial experience at a publicly-traded company. It also provides candidates with experience in Essbase, Hyperion, software, IT, and the gaming industry.

What You’ll Do: Your job will be to perform yearly financial and operational analyses of the company and plan upcoming budgets. You will also be responsible for producing monthly dashboard reports, analyzing performance indicators, and streamlining system efficiencies.

Senior Technical Project Manager, Planning

Who You Are: You must have five or more years of software product management experience. This role requires extensive knowledge of software development, project management methodologies, and enterprise-level products. Having IT, engineering, Agile, gaming, and PMP experience will increase your chances of getting this job.

What You’ll Do: Your job responsibilities include managing projects, strategizing product processes, and designing success measurement metrics. You will develop and maintain platform features, use financial metrics to devise product success plans, and assess software performance.

An orange cat sitting next to a green World of Warcraft guide. How To Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired at Blizzard

How To Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired at Blizzard

Familiarize yourself with Blizzard’s games.

Impress your hiring managers by showcasing your extensive knowledge of the company’s famous video and online games.

Tailor your resume for the video game industry.

Customize your resume to meet the video game industry skills and qualifications expectations.

Practice interview questions.

Get ample practice of standard and technical interview questions asked at Blizzard. Be sure to have an impressive and engaging elevator pitch prepared for your interview.

How to Get a Job at Blizzard FAQ

What jobs can I get at Blizzard?

You can get tons of jobs at Blizzard in game development, animation, finance, data science, information technology, product management, and game design.

Is it hard to land a job at Blizzard?

Yes, it is hard to land a job at Blizzard as the company is an industry leader with a rigorous hiring process and a massive applicant pool.

Do Blizzard jobs pay well?

Blizzard jobs can pay very well, depending on your job designation. According to PayScale, the average salary at Blizzard is $97,000.

Which games is Blizzard famous for?

Blizzard is famous for many games, including StarCraft, Diablo, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch.

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