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Fast-Track Your Journey to a New Career with Thinkful’s Data Programs

Imagine this scenario: the year is 2020, and the peak of the coronavirus pandemic has just struck. You have had to close down your restaurant for three weeks now to observe COVID-19 protocols. You want to begin accepting online orders, but you need to be strategic about it.

To do so, you need all the crucial data you can get, and more importantly, you need an accurate interpretation and insight to make the best decisions. Godfrey Moore puts it beautifully in The Business Book: “Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.”

Beyond their invaluable significance in the business setting, data and data analytics are vital in several other spheres of life: government, metrology, security, AI, health, machine learning, IoT, and so many more. You could say, wherever there is life, data exists. 

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However, data may only be useful if people can make sense of the numbers and draw inferences. And that is where data scientists and data analysts come in. These professionals spot, analyze, and draw inferences from a bulk log of datasets.

Because of the relevance of their work, there is an increasing demand for these data professionals. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the data sector will have a 31.4 percent increase in employment opportunities by 2030.

Companies focusing on data will increase the number of positions requiring data analytics skills in the next five years, according to statistics compiled by GetSmarter. The career path is quite lucrative, and it is excellent for those who are just beginning in tech. According to PayScale, these professionals have an average annual salary of $61,841.

Building a Data Science Career

Anyone can become a data scientist or data analyst with the relevant college or bootcamp training. After completing a college or bootcamp training in data science and data analytics, students may pursue a career as a:

  • Research analyst
  • Data journalist
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Marketing researcher and analyst
  • Big data and machine learning specialist

Job site Glassdoor reports that the average base pay of data scientists in the United States is $117,000 per year. This figure should motivate everyone to join the field, and one way to do so is through Thinkful.

Thinkful trains professionals from diverse backgrounds to start a new career in data science and data analytics. With flexible payment options, hands-on learning, and mentorship, the school provides quality training with an exceptional learning environment.

A Deep Dive into Thinkful’s Data Science Program

An infographic comparing Thinkful’s Data Science and Data Analytics programs

Data scientists utilize scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract data and identify trends beneficial to businesses. They use programming, mathematics, and statistics to clean, aggregate, and manipulate data during decision-making processes.

Part-Time Data Science Curriculum

Thinkful’s Data Science Online Bootcamp is a 26-week part-time program focusing on core and industry-relevant data science skills so you can start a new career in this field. The curriculum consists of four modules covering data science fundamentals and specialization topics like Time Series Analysis and Deep Learning.

The program begins by helping students get comfortable with simple data tools and professional networking concepts. At this stage, students also learn how to:

  • Program with Python
  • Source and analyze data using SQL databases
  • Perform statistical analysis with Python
  • Carry out experimental design tasks and A/B testing

Lessons then cover how students should solve classification and regression problems. It also trains them to build Random Forest Model—a machine learning algorithm—Similarity Models, Support Vector Machines, and Boosting Models. At the end of the module, students will carry out a capstone project to showcase their understanding of data concepts.

At this point, students will be about 16 weeks into the program, and they will have mastered supervised machine learning, while the first remaining ten weeks of the bootcamp focus on teaching students other technical skills and specialization topics.

Tuition and Payment Options

Thinkful’s data science part-time program costs $9,500. Students opting for the upfront payment option will pay the entire bulk fee before the cohort begins for the lowest overall cost. 

The program also provides other payment options, including:

  1. Month-to-Month Payment: Students pay their tuition in fixed installments. That entails paying $2,000 per month over six months, totaling $12,000, which is $1,500 more expensive than the upfront plan.
  2. Deferred Payment: Thinkful waives the obligation to pay tuition fees until students complete the bootcamp. Students only begin repayment after getting a qualifying job.

Who Can Apply to Thinkful’s Data Science Bootcamp? 

Data science is an extensive field. Because of this, those who see the most success in Thinkful’s Data Science program have some previous experience in math and statistics. To qualify, you must have the following: 

  • A firm understanding of college-level statistics and probability and some courses in object-oriented programming such as Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, .net, or Swift
  • A BA/BS STEM Degree or BA/BS Degree or over two years in a technical role
  • Previous working experience directly related to the field if their BA/BS is not a STEM degree
  • The commitment to devote at least 20 hours per week to the program

A Deep Dive into Thinkful’s Data Analytics Program

Data analytics is a field that involves the examination of data to extract actionable insights in relation to a given problem. Thinkful’s Data Analytics program runs for four to six months, depending on the learning model selected by the student. The full-time variant lasts for four months, and it teaches students to master statistical analysis, presentation skills, and Tableau.

The learning process is immersive and fast-paced. Classes are from 10 am to 5 pm ET daily. Other features include daily live online lectures and workshops, live video mentor sessions, and dedicated learning assistants. Overall, the program requires a minimum 45-hour commitment. 

Meanwhile, the part-time model brings some benefits that students of the full-time variant may not afford. Here, students learn independently with lots of flexibility as the program is self-paced and involves 20 to 30 hours of learning per week. Students have optional office hours.

Tuition and Payment Options

Paying for Thinkful’s full-time Data Analytics program can be done in four ways.  

  1. Upfront payment: Pay $12,250 in full before the program begins. 
  2. Month-to-month payment: Pay $3,400 monthly throughout the program for a total cost of $13,600. 
  3. Deferred tuition: Learn now and pay nothing until you land a qualifying position that pays at least $40,000 per year. Your monthly repayment will be contingent on your credit and employment history, among other things.
  4. Deferred tuition and living expenses: If you opted for the deferred tuition payment plan, you could apply for a $1,500 monthly loan to cover your living expenses. Once you’re making at least $40,000 per year, you’ll have 30 months to repay your living expenses loan. 

If you attend Thinkful’s part-time Data Analytics program, you may choose from three different payment options. 

  1. Upfront payment: Pay the full amount of $8,000 before the program starts. 
  2. Month-to-month payment: Pay $1,666 per month, equivalent to a total tuition of $10,000.
  3. Deferred tuition: Pay nothing until you’re earning at least $40,000 per year. Your total repayment is capped at $14,221. 

(Note: To know the most current prices and payment plans, visit Thinkful website)

Who Can Apply to Thinkful’s Data Analytics Program?

Thinkful’s Data Analytics course is open to anyone who wishes to apply, and it does not require students to have work experience or prior coding knowledge. However, incoming students must know how to use Excel before enrolling in the part-time or full-time program. 

Adding to that, candidates must be ready to put in the required time that their course demands. The data analytics course requires you to devote 20 hours weekly to the program consistently. On the other hand, full-time students must be willing to dedicate 45 hours per week to the program if they wish to enroll in Thinkful.

Do Thinkful’s Data Science Students Get Jobs After Graduation?

An infographic showing the graduate outcomes from Thinkful’s data programs

Since 2012, Thinkful has offered thousands of students a clear, reliable path to a better career. According to its website, Thinkful has a 62 percent employment rate for its data science program and 85 percent for its part-time data analytics program. It also reports a median salary of $75,690 and $61,200 for data science and part-time data analytics courses.

Scott Reed, a Thinkful alumnus, wanted more technical knowledge after earning a bachelor’s degree in international relations and a master’s degree in applied information technology. He enrolled at Thinkful’s Data Science program, and now he’s been promoted to a Product Analyst IV at Fannie Mae.

Students can access a mentorship program to match with personal mentors who work in the industry. The mentorship program includes live video consultations and detailed feedback and reviews. Mentors also provide career services highlighted below.

Full-time Career Support from Day 1

The most significant step after a bootcamp is getting a job. Thinkful provides relevant support from the start of the program until students land a job they love. The curriculum also highlights career-focused topics where students learn to build a professional network, conduct job searches, and write cover letters and resumes.

Unlimited Technical Interview Practices

To get excellent results, you must develop excellent interview skills. Thinkful helps students prepare for technical interviews by allowing students to replay mock interviews to be ready. Career coaches and mentors also provide advice and moral support to students to help them ace their job interviews.

Industry and Salary Insights

Salary negotiation is a career aspect not emphasized enough or outrightly neglected in typical career services programs. That is not the Thinkful way. The school guides students through the salary ranges for each role they are interested in. It also prepares them to negotiate fairly if the need arises.

LinkedIn and Resume Review

Thinkful teaches students to write compelling cover letters and build an attractive portfolio. It helps them to do that through classroom sessions or one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Join the Next Data Analytics Cohort

Thinkful has trained thousands of students to become tech professionals. That has resulted in bridging the skills gap that currently exists globally. Learn more about its data programs from Thinkful’s Admissions Team and find out which program is the best match for you.

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