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The Best Fun Machine Learning Courses for Kids

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is the new trend for kids who love learning and exploring technology. Parents may think that the concepts of machine learning may be too challenging for young children to learn. However, you may be surprised at how many machine learning courses for kids there are available. 

Grade school students have access to several interactive projects to familiarize themselves with the applications of this exciting field. This article includes several fun machine learning courses for kids. We have also listed free machine learning classes that allow kids to try different hands-on activities and get a better grasp of machine learning principles.

Can Kids Learn Machine Learning?

Yes, kids can learn machine learning. Even a three-year-old child can start exploring and learning artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts. However, several studies indicate that technology can affect children’s social skills during the first five years of their life. With that being said, the best age to study machine learning is at the age of six and up.

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There are plenty of resources for kids to learn simple applications of machine learning. Children are playful and love to explore new things. During childhood, kids develop creativity. So, the specialized knowledge they gain through machine learning activities lets them enhance their cognitive skills while having fun.

Resources to Help Kids Learn Machine Learning

Below, you will find some common resources that cover the fundamentals of machine learning. These resources include a wide range of fun and interactive projects that allow kids to grasp the concepts of machine learning. 

Online Machine Learning Courses

Online courses are the most accessible learning method nowadays. These courses provide step-by-step guides on how to build machine learning projects that young minds can easily understand. Parents can enroll their children in these programs and gain full access to what they have to offer. 

In-Person Machine Learning Classes

If you want your child to experience a more interactive learning environment, consider an in-person machine learning class. You can find schools and organizations online that offer programs for machine learning, such as Python courses for kids. 

Machine Learning After-School Programs

Several dedicated teachers run machine learning after-school programs that allow students to learn in a fun environment with their peers. During these programs, students are encouraged to use their creative ideas and immerse themselves in hands-on machine learning activities. The BYOR Program and 3D Printing are two examples of EdNex’s after-school programs. 

Machine Learning Toys

Toys that use machine learning and artificial intelligence allow children to program their own robots. This is a fantastic approach for kids to get started with coding. Vortex and MAX are examples of programmable robots. Several ecommerce sites, such as Amazon, sell these toys.

Machine Learning Books

Machine learning can be taught to children through books that parents and educators can purchase through Amazon, Google Books, or Fully Booked. Hands-on learning and easy machine learning activities for kids are included in these publications. Some of them use the Scratch programming language, which is a popular children’s coding language.

Online Machine Learning Classes to Help Your Child Learn Machine Learning

Course Title Course Provider Cost
AI Primus AIWS $99
AI Explorers Create & Learn $252
AI & Machine Learning Deeb Brains.AI $30 per hour
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence iD Tech Starts at $60 per lesson
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Certification with NVIDIA iD Tech $1,499
Artificial Intelligence for Kids Codevidhya $480
Artificial Intelligence Course For Kids Cyber Square $327
Python iD Tech Starts at $60 per lesson
Python for AI Create & Learn $336
Artificial Intelligence Bundle Course For Kids Cyber Square $910

The Best Online Machine Learning Courses for Kids, Explained 

A young boy with his mother in front of a computer monitor.
There are many implications of machine learning that kids will enjoy, such as compelling AI-powered games.

AI Primus

Course Provider: AIWS

Subjects Covered: Machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), reinforcement machine learning

Cost: $99

This course is designed for children aged 11 to 13 years old. It teaches students about AI through hands-on activities. Students have access to 24 sessions, which includes 40 lessons and five quizzes. Young learners also have the opportunity to work on a capstone project. 

This is an exciting course for kids to learn about object detection, chatbots, computer vision, and emotional recognition. Students will also become familiarized with several coding tools such as MIT App Inventor and Teachable Machine.

AI Explorers

Course Provider: Create & Learn

Subjects Covered: AI, machine learning, robotics, neural networks

Cost: $315

AI Explorers is a series of AI courses. It consists of three units that provide hands-on learning for students. It teaches the basics of AI and lets them experience real-world AI applications, such as chatbots and image recognition. Students should complete each unit before moving on to the next one. This course includes 12 sessions, each lasting for 55 minutes. 

AI & Machine Learning

Course Provider: Deeb Brains.AI

Subjects Covered: Python, human-AI interaction

Cost: $45 per hour

This course prepares students for a career as a data scientist. It uses Python, Cognimates, and ML for Kids, to educate students on AI and machine learning. It has up to 40 classes for each skill level. AI & Machine Learning is aimed at children aged eight to 17. 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Course Provider:  iD Tech

Subjects Covered: Python, neural network concepts

Cost: Starts at 60 per lesson

This is a one-on-one arrangement with a professional instructor. You can choose from several lesson packages that act as an excellent introduction to machine learning. In this course, students will learn about Python programming and simple neural networks. Kids must be at least 13 years of age to enroll.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Certification with NVIDIA

Course Provider: iD Tech

Subjects Covered: Python, machine learning, computer vision, neural networks 

Cost: $1,499

This course will train students how to build machine learning models using Python. They will develop AI programs that can be included in their portfolios when they apply to college. This program teaches students how to use popular tools for machine learning, such as Jetson Nano, Colaboratory, and Jupyter Notebook. 

Artificial Intelligence for Kids

Course Provider: Codevidhya

Subjects Covered: Machine learning models, AI-powered game development

Cost: $480

This is an AI course package consisting of two courses, the ML5.JS and Advanced Machine Learning. You can purchase the complete package for $560 or one of these two courses for $280. You’ll have full access to its elearning resources, as well as the live sessions.

Artificial Intelligence Course For Kids

Course Provider: Cyber Square

Subjects Covered: AI, natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision, robotics

Cost: $327 

Kids will learn a lot of useful information in this course. They will have the chance to explore and create various tech projects, such as AI applications, and learn advanced tech topics. When they complete this course, they will be given a certificate that they can use when applying to colleges. 


Course Provider: iD Tech

Subjects Covered: Python, machine learning

Cost: Starts at $60 per lesson

This course also includes one-on-one sessions with an expert instructor. It consists of exciting projects that can be included in a portfolio. The course teaches students how to use Python in advanced machine learning models. Instructors with exceptional tech experience will guide students through core principles of machine learning.

Python for AI

Course Provider: Create & Learn

Subjects Covered: AI, data science, object oriented programming (OOP)

Cost: $336

This is a series of unit courses designed for grades five to nine. It includes four units equivalent to 16 sessions. Students will learn the fundamentals of Python programming, including data types, looping, and variables. As a student advances in this course, they will become proficient in using advanced Python in AI and data science. This course is best suited to kids who love coding.

Artificial Intelligence Bundle Course For Kids

Course Provider: Cyber Square

Subjects Covered: Machine learning, visual coding, natural language coding, speech signal processing

Cost: $910

This course includes 56 sessions that cover programming and AI topics. It helps students gain advanced knowledge of Python and AI through game development. Throughout this course, students will develop their problem-solving and coding skills.

The Best Free Machine Learning Classes for Kids

  • AI Family Challenge. Technovation Families offer free AI lessons that teach children how to build projects to solve their community challenges through artificial intelligence (AI). This program includes 10 lessons.
  • Hello! Programming with Python for Kids and Beginners. Kids and adult beginners can learn Python programming in this series of tutorials on YouTube. Viewers can enjoy learning while watching these videos that contain cool animations and information about the popular programming language, Python.
  • Coding For Kids in Python. Created by the NPStation channel, this tutorial lets young programmers learn the basics of the Python programming language. NPStation was created by a tech-savvy kid who loves coding and learns it from reading books.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Projects for Kids in PictoBlox (Scratch Coding). This is a series of lessons about AI and machine learning created by STEMpedia. In these video tutorials, professionals explain AI topics and provide practical applications that kids can try in their homes. Anyone can access this free tutorial on YouTube.
  • Machine Learning for Kids. This website offers tons of self-paced machine learning projects. Each of them provides instructions that kids must follow carefully. Students will use Python, Scratch, or App Inventor when making these projects. 

Benefits of Teaching Kids Machine Learning

Children that are taught machine learning get a head start in the technology world. Because of technological breakthroughs, AI is becoming a part of our everyday lives. Today’s children are the next generation of inventors and innovators. Helping them learn various tech concepts is the first step toward preparing them for a potential career in machine learning.

There are several bootcamps that allow kids to enhance their skills in coding. In these programs, children learn about machine learning, AI, and programming languages through fun computer games and activities, while interacting with like-minded peers. Students can attend these programs in the winter or during the summer. Examples of bootcamps include iD Tech, Digital Dragon, and the Lancaster Technology Camp.

Machine Learning for Kids FAQ

What are the future careers of kids who learn machine learning?

Plenty of career paths are available to kids who learn machine learning at an early age. They can be data scientists, machine learning (ML) engineers, software developers, or ML researchers in the future.

What are the common programming languages used in machine learning?

Python is the most common programming language used by machine learning developers. However, there are other popular programming languages you can use such as Java, R, and C++.

How much does a machine learning engineer make?

According to PayScale, the average wage of a machine learning engineer is $111,983 per year or $33.81 an hour. An entry-level ML engineer can earn an average salary of $93,845, while those with five to nine years of work experience can earn $139,084, per year.

Are computer and information scientists in demand?

Yes, computer and information scientists are in demand. This industry is expected to grow by 22 percent between 2020 and 2030, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Over 3,000 job openings for these professions are expected to be available, each year.

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