Hundreds of data science professionals attend a data science conference in a massive room.

Best Data Science Events to Learn and Get Support

A great way to grow in the data science field is by attending data science events. These opportunities to network with other professionals and learn from leaders in the field are a goldmine for professional development. 

The best data science events, conferences, and meetups allow you to learn about the latest trends in data science, how to enhance your skills, and develop your career. Read on for our list of the best data science conferences for 2022. 

What Are Data Science Events?

A data science event is any platform or occasion that addresses aspects of the data science field and shares how these aspects are evolving. Topics could include data analysis and models, data visualization and operationalization, and data engineering. Data science events come in many forms, such as conferences and meetups. 

Data Science Conferences

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A data science conference is a huge gathering of hundreds to thousands of professionals to discuss data science topics and innovations. These conferences take place within a set period and geographical location, online as a virtual event, or both. Conferences typically have keynote speakers, workshops, question and answer sessions, and networking opportunities. 

Data Science Meetups

A data science meetup is a smaller group event than conferences. It typically involves more intricate discussions among the attendees. It’s informal compared to conferences as it does not involve meticulous and grand arrangements. Meetups can be a standalone event or can also be a pocket session of a larger industry conference. 

Benefits of Attending Data Science Events, Conferences, or Meetups

Whether attending interactive poster sessions or conferences, students and professionals gain numerous benefits from data science events. We detail a few of these benefits below.

  • Increases Your Network. Attending the best data science events will allow you to network with leading industry professionals. As a result, you may get free mentorship or be referred to viable career opportunities in this field.
  • Enhances Skills. Some data science events have mini bootcamps and training sessions. They equip students and professionals with skills to improve their mastery.
  • Offers Flexibility. If you want to attend one of the best data science conferences but you can’t due to location barriers, you can check if they have an online event option. This flexibility allows you to gain knowledge from wherever in the world you may be. 
  • Advances Your Education. If you want to further your studies, some data science events have graduate and research studies information sessions to help you enroll. For instance, the MSDS Information Session for Global Development guides people on what a Master of Science in Data Science entails in terms of curriculum. 

Best Data Science Events, Conferences, and Meetups: 2022 List

Event Dates Location Type of Event Registration Fee
Women in Data Science 2022 March 18 Charlottesville, VA Conference Free
CERIAS 2022 23rd Annual Security Symposium March 29 – 30 Purdue West Lafayette, IN Symposium Free
NLP Summit April 5 – 6 Online Summit Free
Open Data Science East Conference April 19 – 21 Boston, MA and online Conference $300 – $3,098
Summer Institute in Computational Social Science May 9 – 20 Rochester, NY Summer Institute Free
Data Science Workshops: Data Science Institute AI Summer May 10 – June 3 Vanderbilt University, TN Workshop Free
Data Summit May 21 – 22 Boston, MA Summit $25 – $ 1,295
DataConnect Conference by Women in Analytics June 2 – 3 Columbus, OH Conference $75 – $999
Gartner Data and Analytics Summit August 22 – 24 Orlando, FL Summit $3,375 – $3,975
TWDI Conference November 15 – 18 Orlando, FL Conference $1,535 – $3,535

Best Data Science Conferences, Meetups, and Events in 2022: Details

Data science events are essential if you want to become a top industry professional in this field. You get to meet community members familiar with ambitious enterprise technology and other cutting-edge technologies. Whether you’re a fresh data science graduate or not, these upcoming events expose you to various topics and trends for your professional development. 

Women in Data Science Charlottesville 2022 | March 18

  • Location(s): Charlottesville, VA
  • Cost of Registration: Free

The annual Global Women in Data Science conference includes data science research, machine learning systems and artificial intelligence (AI), data science and human rights, and other data science topics. It features outstanding women such as Alana Karen, Google’s Director of Search platforms. All genders are welcome.

CERIAS 2022 23rd Annual Security Symposium | March 29 – 30

  • Location(s): Purdue West Lafayette, IN
  • Cost of Registration: Free

This symposium gathers technical experts from the industry, academia, and government organizations to help data science professionals understand their security journey. CERIAS will focus on subjects like privacy, explainable AI, and trusted electronics. You’ll learn what to address and how you can leverage different technologies to enhance cyber security.

NLP Summit I April 5 – 6 

  • Location(s): Online virtual event
  • Cost of Registration: Free for general admission, Pay what you can for donations

The NLP Summit offers its attendees two weeks of in-depth data science content. This virtual event presents over 30 sessions, including talks, workshops, and special tracks for natural language processing (NLP) and its applications in health. Examples of data science topics covered here are deep learning, language models, and data-centric AI.

Open Data Science East Conference | April 19 – 21

  • Location(s): Boston, MA and online
  • Cost of Registration: Minimum $300 and custom pricing for group discounts, $349 – $1,623 for a virtual pass, $499 – $3,098 for training and all-access pass

This three-day machine learning conference and virtual event includes mini data science bootcamps. Attendees can expect to know more about deep learning, approaches to machine learning, research frontiers, and responsible AI. Keynote speakers include professors from well-known academic institutions, such as UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, and Columbia University.

Summer Institute in Computational Social Science | May 9 – 20

  • Location(s): Rochester, NY
  • Cost of Registration: Free

University of Rochester’s first Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (SICSS) caters to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers passionate about computational social science. Some of the topics covered include an introduction to machine learning and deep learning, network analysis, social media, and mass collaboration. 

Data Science Workshops: Data Science Institute AI Summer | May 10 – June 3 

  • Location(s): Vanderbilt University, TN
  • Cost of Registration: Free

This workshop will focus on the latest rising data science model known as transformers, how to use them, train them, and apply them to solve certain issues. Although the event is free, it has a limited capacity. Additionally, the event will prioritize participation to researchers with a research objective, students interested in the workshop’s research, and anyone passionate about deep learning.

Data Summit | May 17 – 18 

  • Location(s): Boston, MA
  • Cost of Registration: $25 for showcase, $295 for the pre-conference workshop, $495 for keynotes and bootcamp pass, $795 for AI & Machine Learning Summit, $795 for full two-day conference pass, $1,295 for an all-access pass

If you own or manage a data-driven company, this summit is the ideal event for you, as it offers you practical business tips. The two-day seminar exposes you to in-depth training and practical guidance on how data science can address different management issues. From the Data Summit, you can learn about technical topics, strategies, and technological advancements.

DataConnect Conference by Women in Analytics | June 2 – 3 

  • Location(s): Columbus, OH
  • Cost of Registration: $75 for the virtual pass, $150 – $550 for in-person conference pass, $599 – $999 for the combo pass

Previously known as Women in Analytics Conference, this annual in-person and virtual event gathers industry leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies through keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops. With its rebranding, the conference aims to spread a better understanding of data analytics, machine learning and AI, and data innovations.   

Gartner Data and Analytics Summit | August 22 – 24

  • Location(s): Orlando, FL
  • Cost of Registration: $3,375 for the public sector, $3,625 for early bird, and $3,975 for standard

This summit offers data science professionals a platform to interact with the tech world’s brightest minds, helping them address significant challenges in their career. Here, you can learn how to implement agile data science through the combination of business strategy, technology, and leadership. This advantage will allow you to better take charge of your organization.  

TDWI Conference I November 15 – 18

  • Location(s): Orlando, FL
  • Cost of Registration: $1,535 – $1,960 for the virtual pass on strategy summit, $1,685 – $2,110 for the in-person pass on strategy summit. The price can go up to $3,535 depending on the number of days you’ll attend

The TDWI Conference offers you the right platform to explore advancements in technology and find solutions for data management concerns. Some of the topics that speakers will cover at this industry conference include analytics, data architecture, and business intelligence. If you’re a business leader or IT manager, this event will help you to be data-driven in your decisions.

Should I Attend Data Science Events in 2022? 

Yes, you should attend data science events because they will help broaden your knowledge and enhance your skills in data science. You’ll also get to network with industry experts and find mentors and peers who can help you build a successful career. 

Alternatively, you can attend bootcamps to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience. Similar to events, data science bootcamps not only provide learning experiences through lectures but also help you connect with fellow industry professionals. Through these experiences, bootcamps get you job-ready in a short amount of time.

Data Science Events FAQ

What’s the next prominent thing in data science?

Currently, the most prominent thing in data science is deep learning, neural networks, and big data. TensorFlow and Python as data science tools are also gaining popularity due to their power and ease of use.

What are the best academic institutions to learn data science?

Some of the best data science academic institutions are the University of California Berkeley, Columbia University, Harvard University, and Stanford University. 

Do I need a powerful computer to learn data science?

No, you don’t need an extremely powerful computer to learn data science, a normal personal computer can work. Nevertheless, industrial-level deep learning may demand you acquire a more powerful computer.

Is attending a data science event important?

Yes, attending a data science event is important because it provides you with opportunities to network with other data scientists, gain new insights into different aspects of the field, and discover new ways to enhance your skills. This will increase the chances of landing your dream job in the data science industry. 

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