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Student Review: How Coding Temple Can Help You Upskill in Data Science

Data science has been vital in empowering businesses, organizations, and developing countries. In today’s economy, data-first companies continue to lead in different industries.  

Business owners and stakeholders switched from asking, “Do we really need data scientists?” to, “Why don’t we have data scientists?”

As a result, the demand for data analysts and scientists has continued to rise. Despite this, there is a shortage of hiring talents. Data from QuantHub shows that 87,500 data science and analytics-related jobs remain unfilled in 2020, with the lack of technical and non-technical skills among candidates being a prime concern. 

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Fortunately, education has transformed from traditional colleges to shorter-term courses. The emergence of bootcamps has allowed more people to upskill and reskill in a sprint. Students can complete courses in less than 12 months and switch careers to tech through bootcamps, like Coding Temple.

In this article, we draw the curtains on how Coding Temple brings its alumni to the forefront of data science and see what life is like after the bootcamp.

What Is Coding Temple? 

Coding Temple is a coding bootcamp based in Chicago. It provides full-time full stack web development program that also covers Python programming and crucial data science tools. Despite its low barrier to entry, the course is far from being a walk-in-the-park. 

With Coding Temple’s immersive program, students go through a rigorous learning process that turns beginners into pros in 10 weeks. Through lectures and hands-on experience, students will gain in-demand skills that give them a competitive edge when navigating the world of data science. As a result, many of Coding Temple’s alumni are hired by Fortune 100 companies, like Amazon and Dell. 

What does the school require from you?

Whether you have a passion for data, are a complete beginner, a teenager who doesn’t fit traditional colleges, or a seasoned professional in their mid-50s ready for a new chapter, everybody can apply to Coding Temple. In addition to its required level of aptitude, the school only asks for your commitment and dedication to succeed in the course.

The Coding Temple Experience

An infographic covering the key features of Coding Temple bootcamp

Coding Temple offers a full-time course in full stack web development and data science concepts. The program follows a regular nine-to-five schedule from Monday through Friday, with Fridays reserved for weekly quizzes and projects. 

Before dabbling in the lessons, you need to complete three weeks’ worth of coursework or around 50 to 60 study hours. Since Coding Temple accepts students from varying backgrounds, the pre-work includes introductory videos on fundamental theories. You will also have to finish practice problems.

The pre-work stage aims to condition you before immersing yourself in the program. It gives you an idea of what to expect and lessens your chances of getting overwhelmed. Once you start the main program, you’ll delve into different subjects covering all the bases in full stack development and data science, particularly Python programming. 

Weeks 2 to 4 will heavily tackle Python programming from basic to advanced lessons. As the course progresses, you will also learn about other data technologies like Matpotlip, NumPy, and JavaScript in conjunction with the major topics below: 

  • Front end web development
  • Backend web development
  • Database management
  • Data analytics
  • Data engineering

Besides learning theories, you get to code along to apply what you take in. Assignments, quizzes, and projects are given to everyone to test their grasp of the lessons and data technologies.

Hands-on and immersive training lies at the heart of Coding Temple’s Full-Time Full Stack Web Development and Data Science course. The question is: Is the course effective in boosting one’s job prospects in the data science and analytics field?

Alumni Spotlight: Upskilling in Data Science with Coding Temple

A business analyst with eight years of experience, Eddie Navarro upskilled in data science with Coding Temple.

With the pandemic hitting the pause button, he joined Coding Temple after learning about a brilliant opportunity through the bootcamp’s money-back guarantee. “The pandemic was still ongoing, and I wanted to make sure that if the job market tanked, I still had a security net,” said Eddie.

The guarantee is an initiative launched in 2020 to prove its confidence in the effectiveness of its curriculum. After completing their course, Coding Temple graduates have nine months to find a job. If they fail to land a job within that window, Coding Temple will not charge any tuition fee, no questions asked.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Eddie set out on his journey in data science. And as he progressed through the program, he knew he made the right decision.

It was challenging, but he was learning. Far from the heavy lecture-based classes, Eddie said, “Coding Temple was different because it is all about hands-on learning. I found I learned best when I would listen and really digest what the instructor was teaching and then go back and try to recreate.”

Coding takes up around 90 percent of the program, which can sound intimidating, especially for those with no coding background. But fret not, as you have the undivided attention of your instructor.

Keeping the number of students per class low ensures the instructor can assist and mentor you once you hit a roadblock. Coding Temple maintains a 10-students-per-class cap. “The pace is quick, but the instructors are always there for questions and guidance,” said Eddie.

Besides the coding exercises, students have over 15 projects to complete, including a capstone project. The latter is a chance for students to show all their learnings and will also be a part of their portfolio that they can use when they apply for a job. Thanks to Coding Temple’s practical approach, Eddie found he could use most of his training right off the bat.

“I actually used the data science portion that we learned from class to complete the assessment that my company gave me as part of my interview. I literally was reviewing [the] old codes that I did while at Coding Temple to complete my assignment for my current role. [I] would not have been able to get my job without learning about Python from Coding Temple,” shared Eddie.

After four months of job hunting, Eddie successfully landed an analyst position at Adyen, a multinational e-commerce company providing a payment platform for businesses. 

“My experience entering the workplace was great! I found a really good company that values slowly teaching new hires about the company and the business, without throwing them in and hoping they do well,” said Eddie, who credits the technical and non-technical skills he picked up from the bootcamp for making him a more competitive hire. That, plus his years of experience as an analyst, bridged him to a more senior role. 

“After Coding Temple, I used my previous background in analytics to get my current role. But I definitely used the skill sets [I] learned from Coding Temple as well. Some individuals may not have as much work experience as I do, but I still recommend that they continue to learn programming languages,” said Eddie.  

As data and technology continue to evolve, it pays to keep your knowledge and skills up to date to stay in the game. But aside from developing technical skills, choosing a bootcamp that also provides the right support system is equally important. 

Meet the Coding Temple Community

The Coding Temple community is a melting pot of students from diverse backgrounds. Add to that a faculty of engaging and knowledgeable instructors with over seven years of experience in the field. 

The instructors make sure everyone is on the same page before proceeding to the next topic. Lectures are followed by quick exercises where students work individually or as a team, depending on the task. 

Coding Temple encourages students to communicate with their fellows and help each other when doing assignments. Students can also seek help from their mentors and TA’s in addressing any struggle they face in class. 

For Eddie, the tight-knit bond in the Coding Temple community is one of the highlights of his bootcamp experience. “I really enjoyed the camaraderie and the ability to work with my cohort. It was nice having people to ask for help besides the teachers. And it was nice to grow and develop with others. It made the process less isolating and more fun,” Eddie said. 

Coding Temple’s Full Stack and Data Science Program Outcomes

Just like Eddie, a significant percentage of Coding Temple’s Data Science alumni community have advanced in their careers as analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and data architects to name a few. Among the top employers of Coding Temple graduates are Amazon, Dell, and LinkedIn.

Playing a key role in this success is Coding Temple’s Career Support team, who equips graduates with relevant skills and know-how before entering the job market. The team helps graduates develop their resumes, optimize their LinkedIn profiles, and ace their job interviews, among others. 

Graduates can also avail themselves of one-on-one mentorship with a career coach and tap into the alumni and employer networks. Every week, the Career Services team checks in on each graduate to track their job search progress and help keep their skills sharp through coding exercises.

With an immersive curriculum, a diverse community of students, and a supportive career service program, students gain confidence when they enter the tech industry. In effect, 95 percent of the Coding Temple graduates have found jobs, averaging an annual salary of $67,000, within 90 days.

Take a Step Closer to Your Dream Career 

The reach of data science goes beyond the tech industry. It aids in creating effective strategies and propels growth for any organization from art to healthcare. Not to mention, data science is a path to a lucrative career that can earn you up to a six-figure salary. For these reasons, data science may appeal to many career switchers. 

However, it can be a roller coaster experience for those with no tech background. Coding Temple takes its learn-by-doing approach to another level by formulating a course that fits everyone. And as evidenced by its student outcomes, the rigorous Coding Temple method works. 

Ready to make a big step in data science? Join the next Coding Temple cohort today. 

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