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IBM is one of the tech companies that has withstood the test of time. IBM has been in business since 1911 and has since become a multi-billion dollar company. IBM has something for everyone and it is a great place to launch your career in tech. Keep reading to learn more about how to get a job at IBM.

What Is IBM? IBM Company Overview

International Business Machines Corporation, or IBM, was founded by Charles Ranlett Flint in the early 20th century. It was initially known as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company before being renamed IBM in 1924. It is one of the world’s leading tech giants, with headquarters in Armonk, New York.

Since its inception, IBM has consistently made significant advances in hardware, electronics, technology, and software. They began as inventors of remarkable electrical gadgets and machinery. Their services have evolved from tech infrastructure to cloud solutions, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.

They are also engaged in endeavors like weather prediction, disease treatment, and ocean cleaning. The core of IBM is to build, code, design, invent, consult, and collaborate to create a market that believes anything is possible. Today, IBM’s 350,000 employees serve clients in over 170 countries while continuing to redefine the future of technology and information.

What Is It Like to Work at IBM?

Working at IBM is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to break into the tech industry. Over 30,000 current and former employees have given IBM a 3.9 star rating on Indeed.

Working for this tech giant will expose you to a work environment that promotes innovation and technological advancement. IBM fosters a culture that ensures employees collaborate in a dynamic manner to develop new perspectives to existing solutions. You would be working alongside some of the best talents in the world.

IBM is also a company that values inclusion and diversity. Regardless of race, tribe, or ethnicity, all employees benefit from a platform that promotes their careers. The work ethic and job culture also ensure that everyone feels comfortable regardless of who they are.

What's the Company Culture at IBM?

The company culture at IBM is its people, as well as the environment that the company has chosen to create. Most employees are satisfied with the work-life balance provided by IBM. Employees appreciate the freedom of timing and the adaptability of work arrangements. IBM places a greater emphasis on efficiency than on the number of hours worked.

IBM sees that a significant aspect of its success is the diversity of its teams, which is fostered by encouraging creative pursuits and other interests outside of work. Team members can gain new perspectives and contribute to the development of impressive solutions to significant global challenges.

What's the Average Salary at IBM?

The average salary for IBM employees based on data from Payscale is $101,000 per year. However, this is dependent on the job role, seniority, and department. The highest-paying roles are program manager, staff member, management consultant, and solutions architect.

What Employee Benefits and Perks Can You Get at IBM?

The employee benefits and perks you can get from IBM include assistance with your health, mental, social, financial, and physical needs. According to Forbes, IBM is ranked second on the list of the world’s best employers list for 2021. Some of the benefits include comprehensive health coverage, 401k, ample vacation time, income protection, and disability benefits.

IBM Employee Reviews

IBM is rated 4.0 out of 5.0 at Glassdoor as many employees gave positive reviews about their experience and interaction at IBM. About 80 percent said they could recommend IBM to interested job seekers. 88 percent approved the CEO, Arvind Krishna.

Most employees praise IBM for its flexibility and supportive colleagues. They were also pleased with the benefits that come with the company and its commitment to growth and development. However, a few employees expressed dissatisfaction with the salary, claiming it was below the industry standard.

A black and white image of the IBM logo on a wall. IBM Hiring Process: Getting a Job at IBM

IBM Hiring Process: Getting a Job at IBM

The hiring process for IBM involves a comprehensive application procedure to ensure the IBM standard is maintained. IBM receives thousands of applications every year. With so many applicants, your chances of getting hired at IBM may appear slim. Here’s some career-related information to get you started.

Do You Need a Degree to Work for IBM?

You don’t necessarily need a degree to work for IBM. According to Joanna Daly, the VP of Hiring, “IBM is placing more emphasis on skills rather than educational degrees.” Though the minimum educational requirement for many employees is a college degree, IBM also hires “new collar workers.”

New collar workers are tech professionals who do not have the traditional college degree but have gained experience and skills through coding bootcamps, massive open online courses (MOOCs), and non-traditional work experience. If you want to work for IBM, you can enroll in a coding bootcamp to gain coding skills and enter the tech industry.

IBM Job Application and Interview Process

If you want to apply to prominent corporations like IBM, you must first ensure your resume is up-to-date with relevant skills and the certifications for the job role. Some of the steps involved in the job application and interview process are listed below.

  1. Submit your application. Once you’ve found a job role that suits you, you can apply through IBM’s online portal. You are required to complete an application form and upload your resume.
  2. Screening. IBM has reputable resume screeners that will examine your resume and compare it to other specific positions to help decide the right candidate for the job.
  3. Online assessment. You will be required to complete an assessment that will help the hiring officials to measure candidates’ skills and abilities. The test often measures candidates’ coding skills, cognitive skills, and English language proficiency.
  4. Assessment center interview. Once you’ve been selected for an interview, you must prepare to impress the hiring manager and demonstrate that you’re serious about the job and committed to doing your best.

Is It Hard to Get a Job at IBM?

Yes, it is hard to get a job at IBM. The application process can take around 7 months to complete. IBM has a standard that it strives to uphold. It’s expected that employees have the right combination of innovation and raw talent. This is why IBM only hires the most intelligent candidates since they are interested in employing only the best talent.

What Data-Driven Jobs Can I Get at IBM?

Data-driven jobs such as data scientist, data analyst, and business analyst are becoming increasingly popular in the tech industry. At the time of writing, the following IBM data-driven jobs were available.

IBM Data Scientist

Who You Are: IBM data scientists are entry-level candidates with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Data Science, or a related field.

What You’ll Do: IBM’s data scientists sort relevant information, form helpful information, and offer insight and advice on business and technology decisions. They utilize cutting-edge AI techniques to address customer issues and automate workflow.

IBM Machine Learning Engineer

Who You Are: Machine learning engineers in IBM have extensive work experience with machine learning models and AI. They also have a college degree in computer science or related fields.

What You’ll Do: Machine learning engineers use software development tools, techniques, and approaches to design, test, and develop software components.

Senior Software Developer/Business Analytics

Who You Are: Senior software developers must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering. They must also have an aptitude for technology tools and experience with SQL, databases, and data analytics.

What You’ll Do: You would work with the data warehousing team to perform data analysis, ETL development, architectural design, and manage batch jobs.

AI Ops Software Engineer

Who You Are: AI ops software engineers have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field. You must have over five years of experience in resolving problems associated with machine learning, streaming, big data analytics, and other AI technologies.

What You’ll Do: As an AI ops software engineer, you will be involved with correlating and aggregating disparate data sources to identify significant events and patterns in the IBM Public Cloud.

Senior Managing Data Scientist

Who You Are: Senior managing data scientists must possess experience across technical areas like data analytics, modeling, data visualization, business, and management consulting.

What You’ll Do: You will be responsible for overseeing multiple work streams and projects, advising clients on executing vital data-driven transformation based on the business objectives.

Head of Applied AI Teams in Global Chief Data Office (GCDO)

Who You Are: Head of applied AI teams must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. They must have industry experience with GPU programming, Python, JIRA, C++, and machine learning.

What You’ll Do: You will be responsible for ensuring efficient access to data for business and cloud platform use. You will also accelerate cognition into the internal processes while maintaining privacy, trust, security, and governance.

Azure AI/ML Solutioning Lead

Who You Are: You must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and several years of experience designing and implementing cloud-based AI and machine learning solutions. You must also understand business problems and use technical issues by deriving and solving actionable insights.

What You’ll Do: Your duties involve shaping client opportunities through sales and creating technical leadership in delivery. You will also be involved with designing and implementing technological solutions.

A software engineer standing beside servers. How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired at IBM

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired at IBM

Acquire real-world experience

You must equip yourself with practical experience to help you gain mastery and provide real solutions to problems you will encounter in the workspace.

Learn essential soft skills

As you develop practical experience with your technical skills, it is also crucial to learn workplace skills that will help you communicate and collaborate with other team members.

Learn about the industry and the area that interests you

As much as you need to focus on the job, you must also consider the industry and department you will be working in. You can start by familiarizing yourself with the tech industry and IBM.

How to Get a Job at IBM: FAQ

How long is the IBM hiring process?

The job application process and subsequent evaluation ranges from a few weeks to over six months. However, this depends on the role you’re applying for.

Is IBM a good place to start your career?

IBM is a good place to start your career because of the flexible work arrangements and benefits of working at this company. The company culture also accommodates growth and development, which is a great combination for entry-level employees.

What degree do you need to work at IBM?

Even though a college degree is a minimum requirement to work at IBM, you can still gain the skills needed to land job roles through tech bootcamps, massive open online courses, and the Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-Tech).

What does IBM look for in employees?

The company culture values employees who can solve complex problems while displaying efficiency, innovation, and curiosity.

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