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How to Learn Oracle

Do you ever wonder how SQL databases begin being used across the world in real-time applications? While SQL was a theoretical concept of structuring and organizing data, how did it enter the industry for use in end-user products? The answer is Oracle — the first relational database that supported the Structured Query Language (SQL) design. SQL has

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How to Learn Spark

Have you ever come across a data-processing task? Or, do you ever wonder how terabytes of data are processed and stored in distributed storage systems? Such tasks require a powerful, intelligent management solution to help reduce costs and increase efficiency. Spark is one such open-source distributed computing solution — it helps quickly store and process Big Data.In

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How to Learn Data Analytics

Data is everywhere on the internet. This web page is full of data. When you send an email, you create data. Some people and businesses collect data for a specific purpose and analyze their findings using data analytics. Such data can help businesses and individuals solve problems, answer questions, and improve their websites and services.In this guide,

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How to Learn TensorFlow

Most discussions about machine learning tools end up mentioning TensorFlow, a tool developed by Google. This tool, used by beginners and experts alike, comes with a range of libraries that are useful for machine and deep learning.In this guide, we show you how to learn TensorFlow. We begin by discussing what you need to know about this

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How to Learn R Programming

R is well known in the data science community. This language is perfect for clearing and analysing data, visualising data, and other tasks that relate to working with data. Using this language allows you to go from having a raw dataset to deriving insights hidden within the data you have.In this guide, we talk about what you


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