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How to Learn SQL

Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to query databases and is considered one of the easiest languages to learn. If that’s not good enough news, consider this: if you’re familiar with Excel, you are pretty much familiar with some of the overarching concepts of SQL.The first thing you would want to do is download MySQL, a free

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What is a Data Architect?

Big organizations that use technology tend to gather a lot of data. An e-commerce site may track hundreds of pieces of data, from purchases to discounts to products. With all of this data, you may wonder how a business can keep everything organized.That's where the data architect comes in. A data architect helps businesses bring order to

How to Learn MySQL

Do you ever wonder how large-scale applications store data? The scale of such applications requires powerful data storage set-ups, and reliable DBMS solutions to easily handle large volumes of operations. MySQL is one such DBMS solution — it helps store and operate on structured data easily.In this guide, we're going to talk about how to learn MySQL

How to Learn MongoDB

MongoDB is a document-based database. This means that the data is persisted in a JSON-like document. MongoDB claims this allows for flexibility to change data structure over time. With both cloud and server hosting capabilities, MongoDB could be a great scalable choice for your next project. There are quite a few companies that develop with MongoDB, so learning

How to Learn PostgreSQL

Do you ever wonder how enterprise-level data storages work? The scale of enterprise products requires powerful and fast data storage solutions. The database needs to be wide enough to handle a large volume of data ingress and egress and fast enough to maintain the minimum wait time for each operation. PostgreSQL is one such DBMS solution —

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What is a Big Data Engineer?

Every second of the day new data is created. When you open many websites, for example, visitation data is created. That data gives the company who owns the website an insight into how many people are viewing their web pages.There are a lot of jobs in data science, which has become part of every major industry that


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